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Giveaway For Librarians and Teachers!

Attention teachers and librarians! The Emblazoner’s New Catalog – filled with great middle grade and tween titles your students and patrons will love – is coming soon! To celebrate, we’re holding a giveaway of stuff you can use: gift cards … Continue reading

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Topics For Speaking At Schools

“Tween the Weekends is a monthly feature hosted on Emblazon. This is an opportunity for writers and readers to promote tween literature, that age bracket squashed between middle grade and young adult. You can review a great tween book, post about writing for … Continue reading

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Ugly Foot Finds Its Doppelganger

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”  ~ Albert Einstein Inspiration! It can happen anywhere! Ideas are born in the strangest places, ignited by bizarre objects or strange people. Or a random photo from my daughter’s honeymoon pics. Here’s the scoop: Lily … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Just in Time For Friday the 13th

Photo and effects by Lynn Kelley Last Friday Debra Kristi’s blog featured a flash fiction story she wrote, inspired by weird, Twilight Zone ceramic critters in her hotel room. She challenged others to write a flash fiction piece based on … Continue reading

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Dad Could Have Been a Writer

When I was a kid, my dad made up silly poems that I thought were funny as heck. Like this one: You may find fuzz in a pocket. You may find a runner in hose. But the funniest things I … Continue reading

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DÉJÀ VU – Stepping Into Your Character’s Shoes

Today, I’m participating in  DL Hammon’s DÉJÀ VU BLOGEST! co-hosted by Katie Mills (Creepy Query Girl),  Nicole Ducleroir, and Lydia Kare   Everyone who signed up is posting an old blogpost.   Here’s my post from July 4, 2011.  I picked this post … Continue reading

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My Choices in Publishing

“The future ain’t what it used to be.”  ~Yogi Berra If only a peek into a crystal ball could tell us which road to take. A group of children’s writers had some interesting discussions via email about traditional publishing vs. … Continue reading

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Is Your Character Cliché?

It’s hard to get around making spooky characters dark and creepy. Seems like it’s always been that way. Why? My guess is, because our fears are enhanced at night when it’s harder to see, so our imaginations sometimes play tricks … Continue reading

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Stepping Into Your Character’s Shoes

If the shoe fits . . . well, it sure makes it easier to step into the role of your character. What if you’re a male writing about a female? Stepping into her shoes might be difficult. It can be … Continue reading

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