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Lynnie’s Lost Days in LaLa Land

Subject: Re: subjectless It was a bleak and drab day.  The ticking of the clock wore heavy in the idle room.  The rains had passed and a term of uneventfulness had set upon us.  He was tired, long hours and little … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 Meme – May Duh Odds Be Ever in Yer Favor!

I loved to play tag as a kid. Did you? Now I get to play a different kind of tag. The Lucky 7 Meme game is a fun version just for writers, and I got tagged by Ginger Calem and Ruth … Continue reading

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No Ifs, Ands, or Head Butts – Parenting Plights & Delights

I recently posted this comment on my Facebook page: “Today a grandmother got headbutted twice by her grandson. Then he grabbed a chunk of skin on her neck and pinched her and spit in her face and laughed his head … Continue reading

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It Never Snows in California, Does It?

Tuesday welcomed the first day of spring, a favorite season for many who live in harsh climates. They breathe a sigh of relief when the thaw begins. Many people hate shoveling snow and driving in it so much that they’ve … Continue reading

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GPS – Get Punked System

Many people think GPS stands for Global Positioning System, but if you’ve been misguided or lead off the beaten highway by your GPS, you know as well as I do it really stands for Get Punked System! A GPS can … Continue reading

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Haley Whitehall – Historical Fiction Author

I’m pleased and honored to have Haley Whitehall guest posting today. Haley has wonderful news to share with us, but first she’s going to tell us a little about herself. Okay, take it away, Haley: Why Historical Fiction? Many people have asked me … Continue reading

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