Kissed by an Angel

I’m honored to have my short story, Invisible, included in the charming Kissed by an Angel anthology, which includes 10 stories and one poem featuring children who are gifted or have special powers. Some are ordinary people, others are extraordinary, and several aren’t what they seem to be.

Cover illustration by Yvette Carol. Graphic design by Lynn Kelley.


In Invisible, 11-year-old Evangeline lives in a van with her mother. Every night, Evangeline would be as quiet as she could, wishing she could fade into the darkness in case anyone peeked through the windows. Those scary nights end when she’s put in a foster home, but now she must face new and even stranger fears without her mother to comfort her.

Graphics by Lynn Kelley

All proceeds will benefit the Sturge-Weber Foundation. Sturge-Weber Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that can cause seizures, blood clots, stroke, glaucoma, blindness, paralysis, and more.

“Children who have Sturge-Weber are born with a port wine birthmark, which varies in color and size, and stays with them their whole lives. ‘You were kissed by an angel’ is how author Robyn Campbell explained to her son Christopher, who suffers from Sturge-Weber syndrome, about his tell-tale birthmark. He is the creative genius who helped choose some of the names of the characters, and he is our inspiration.”

Baby Christopher

Our anthology begins with this beautiful poem:

Deep breath
Don’t overthink it
Learn to be patient
With myself
And others
And live
In this moment
And all the moments that God gives me
I will cherish this life

~ Catherine Johnson

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