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Suffer For the Sake of Research

I did some hands-on research for one of my children’s books. I think it’s easier to demonstrate it in a videoclip. I guess technically this is a vlog on my blog. Click here if you have sound (to see the … Continue reading

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MONSTER MOON – Show Me The Bounty!

ARR! Let’s give a great big hook hand to Rebecca Kiel, who will receive a copy of SECRET OF HAUNTED BOG, and Tina Laurel Lee, who will get a copy of CURSE AT ZALA MANOR. Neither had to pilfer or plunder … Continue reading

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Tag – Tagger- Tagged – Tagalong

Tag! It used to be a simple child’s game. I could write a whole post about how this little word has evolved over the years, but I need to get with the program. All the hullabaloo with the release of … Continue reading

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Poem For My Daughter

At my oldest daughter’s baby shower last Saturday, it occurred to me that she was just an infant herself not so long ago. But when it comes to reminiscing, time’s a tad distorted. In reality, three decades isn’t just a … Continue reading

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Sweet Schtuff

Last week I received the “Irristibly Sweet Award” by Talei – Musings of An Aspiring Scribe, who is quite a sweetheart. She definitely deserved to receive it, and I’d like to thank her for passing it on to me.   … Continue reading

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I’m Being Interviewed on Heather Kelly’s Blog Today

Interview and Chance to Win a Monster Moon book! I’m so excited because Heather Kelly has invited me to be a guest on her blog today for an interview, just in time for the official release of our second Monster … Continue reading

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Release of Secret of Haunted Bog – Kidlit

Ghastly smells and ghostly moans, Yeo-heave-ho and a bottle of rum. Haunted Bog will chill yer bones. Yeo-heave-ho and a bottle of rum!   Cheers! To the Official Release of  Secret of Haunted Bog second book in the  Monster Moon … Continue reading

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Writing Is Like . . .

Photo by Lynn Kelley via WANA Commons Writing is like an amusement park, full of fun and adventure, thrills and screams, impatience . . . when . . .  lines . . . stretch . . .  halfway. . . … Continue reading

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I Designed Two Book Trailers!

Today, June 8, 2011, is my blog’s one month anniversary! Woo hoo! I wasn’t sure I’d like blogging or want to keep it up, but I have to admit that I’m enjoying meeting interesting and fascinating people who share their … Continue reading

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Topics For Speaking at Schools and How to Schedule an Author Visit

Every speaker has a mouth; 
An arrangement rather neat.
Sometimes it’s filled with wisdom.
Sometimes it’s filled with feet.                                              —   … Continue reading

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