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Fun Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia – Speech for Contest

I’ve been working on a speech the past three weeks or so to compete in an upcoming Toastmasters contest. Recording myself and watching it is super helpful so I can catch any bad habits I need to work on. Slowly, … Continue reading

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Picky Eaters Dispose of Food in Sneaky Ways – Parenting Plights & Delights

Some kids are picky eaters and some of them come up with creative ways to get rid of foods they have an aversion to. When I was care giver for two of my grandkids, I tried to stay a step … Continue reading

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A Face and a Shadow in the Crowd

“A Face in the Crowd” is this week’s WordPress photo challenge. I picked this photo because the child is focusing on her shadow. This is my first photo challenge, and what a fun photo to feature. Too much alliteration? Well, it’s … Continue reading

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Bad Stairway – Watch Your Step – Health and Wellness Wednesday

Have you ever missed a step? On a stairway? Last September George and I were on a weekend trip with two of our kids. I held onto the handrail while cautiously walking down a stairway that led into a pub. My … Continue reading

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Pushing Sorrow Aside to Embrace a Day of Joy – Parenting Plights & Delights

One year ago, we attended the last-minute wedding of our youngest daughter, Suzee. “Why last-minute?” you may ask. In mid-January 2017 my husband, George, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer: leptomeningeal disease. We were still trying to process the … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Hidden or Quirky Talent?

Happy Friday! Almost everybody has a hidden or quirky talent. What’s yours? Below is a 57-second video of my youngest daughter, Suzee, showing off her quirky talent. She learned this cute little trick from her father when she was three … Continue reading

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Movie Review of The 15:17 to Paris – True Story of Three Men Stopping Terrorist on a Train

For Valentine’s Day, George and I got to see the movie The 15:17 to Paris. It’s the remarkable true story of three American friends who thwarted a terrorist on a train to Paris in August 2015. Directed and produced by … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Do the Cupid Shuffle Line Dance

Happy Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t resist sharing Cupid Shuffle with you. Do you like this song? Do you know how to do the dance? I’ve been at a few wedding receptions and parties when Cupid Shuffle was played, and whippersnappers … Continue reading

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Ambidextrous Tennis Player Celebrates 85th Birthday

Help me celebrate my dad turning 85 years old. Dad plays tennis for two hours at a time two to three days a week. He learned to play tennis when he was 40. Being ambidextrous has helped his game. This three-minute … Continue reading

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Everyday Heroine – Do You Know One?

Do you know an everyday heroine? Everyday heroes and heroines are people who commit random acts of kindness without giving a thought as to how their kindness will impact those around them, and they expect nothing in return. My Aunt … Continue reading

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