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Airheads Anonymous – Losing Things

Are you one of those people who’s always losing things? The other day Jennifer Lynn Bryan Spotten said, “Ok friends, when you’re painting along, and you can’t find your favorite little texture sponge, and think you’re crazy, ‘cause you just had … Continue reading

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Kids – Homework, Bunkbeds, Getting in Trouble – Parenting Plights & Delights

Do your kids or grand kiddos make you laugh? Kids are a constant source of amusement for parents,  grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and others. My friend, Sarah, shared this conversation during her son’s homework session: Sarah (Mom): Julian, you need to write … Continue reading

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Disastrous and Funny Hair Stories

Do you like funny hair stories? I sure do. It seems almost everyone has a disastrous or funny hair story. I had an endless supply of ideas for scenes in Curse of the Double Digits, my humorous children’s book for kids ages … Continue reading

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Misunderstandings – Parenting Plights & Delights

Do misunderstandings with kids ever surprise you? Delight you? For instance, about a week ago, this conversation took place between my six-year-old grandson, Grasshopper, and his dad: Grasshopper: Tobacco is free at my school. His father: No son, your school … Continue reading

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Recent Airhead Moments – Join Airheads Anonymous

Had any airhead moments lately? I love to hear about other people’s airhead moments. Makes me feel like I’m not all alone. Just the other day I made a protein shake with coconut milk and a banana, but it didn’t … Continue reading

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Olden Days Rotary Phones and Land Lines

“Hello, this is Grammy, and I lived in the olden days.” Does the land line in the photo below look like it belongs in the olden days? To me, it’s a pretty nice land line with an answering machine and a Bluetooth, … Continue reading

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Holiday Air Head Moments – You Just Made the List!

Busy holiday preparations make for lots of air head moments. I do some pretty ditzy things when I’m overtired, like putting eye liner on my lips, pouring coffee into an upside-down mug, and paying the service station cashier for gas, … Continue reading

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When Your Pants Don’t Fit Right – Fashion Faux Pas

Life is never dull, especially when we have an unexpected fashion faux pas. I’ve had plenty in my life, but I’ll focus on one in particular. For my 60th birthday (March 2016) my mom and youngest sister, Cindy, took me … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies From A Funny Family – A Little Giggle Getaway

Welcome to Friday Funnies. How about a little Giggle Getaway? I always wanted to be a clown, but everybody just laughed at me. So, I raised four clowns instead. They, in turned, passed those funny genes on to my grand … Continue reading

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Mom’s Scary Prank

Hello everyone! Today I have a Slice of Life – True Story to share with you. I recorded it so you can get the full effects, but for those who can’t watch the video, the text is below. I finally … Continue reading

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