Mom’s Scary Prank

Hello everyone! Today I have a Slice of Life – True Story to share with you. I recorded it so you can get the full effects, but for those who can’t watch the video, the text is below.

I finally received a photo a couple weeks ago of this freaky fake feline. Would this creature scare you if someone pranked you with it?

I bugged my sister Cindy for about three years to send me a picture of this scary cat her neighbor Shelly uses for a Halloween prop and to prank her friends with. Being a prankster herself, Cindy didn’t fall for it.

However, she did borrow it to pull a few pranks of her own.

Cindy put the cat in her daughter’s room. Bella, then age 13, wasn’t startled at all, but it was still daylight.

So Cindy set the cat on her son Brent’s window sill. By the time the high school jock jetted up the stairs to his room, it was dusk. Next thing, Cindy heard a loud, “Agh!”


“Mom, I hate you!”

Cindy giggled, and after the initial shock, Brent being a joker, too, chuckled that Mom got him good.

That was fun, but Cindy wasn’t through with that spooky cat. This time she put it in the master bedroom on her window ledge. With that, she was off to Bella’s dance lesson and forgot all about the freaky cat in her window.

Returning home a couple hours later, she found her husband, Jim, in the rocker-recliner in the family room. Clearly, he was upset about something. “What’s wrong?”

“Cindy, sit down.” He was dead serious. She braced herself for whatever bad news Jim was about to tell her. She noticed a baseball bat in the middle of the room and wondered why it was there.

“What is it? What happened?” she asked.

“Don’t ever do that again.”

“Do what? What did I do?” She’d forgotten all about the cat.

Jim explained his eventful evening. After arriving home from a long day at the office. He entered the bedroom to change and noticed something on the window sill that gave him quite a start.

“He focused on it and thought it was an owl that somehow got in through the window screen. Its eyes looked eerie and it didn’t move. Jim wanted a closer look, but the light switch was near the creature, so he couldn’t risk turning it on and having the thing fly off throughout the house.  He pondered how to catch it.

A baseball bat might do the trick. After grabbing one, he got on hands and knees and slowly approached the owl, baseball bat at the ready to nail it. Creeping slowly on all fours, he made a ‘Ch-ch’ sound from the side of his mouth, hoping to frighten it enough so it would escape back out through the screen, but it still didn’t move.

‘Ch-ch, ch-ch.’ Jim cautiously approached, staying low. ‘Ch-ch.’ Upon closer look, he noticed it wasn’t an owl at all, but a cat. A stiff cat that never moved. Was it dead?

Puzzled over how a cat got onto the window sill and died in a such a petrified state, Jim finally managed to flick the light on. Only then did he realize he’d been pranked.

Furious, he called Brent and chewed him out. Brent laughed and said, “It wasn’t me, it was Mom.”

“Your mother wouldn’t do that to me,” Jim said.

Brent laughed harder. “I swear it wasn’t me, it was Mom. She put it in my room first.”

Jim stewed in the rocker-recliner until Cindy and Bella returned home.

Cindy apologized just for the sake of it, but had a good laugh later that her prank was such a huge success!

Jim never laughed, not once. Not amused in the least.

Two years later, Shelly pranked Cindy again, leaving the cat in her refrigerator.

Cindy got a big kick out of it, but when Jim saw the cat, he told Cindy to get that thing out of there and wanted nothing to do with it.

Have you ever been the victim of a prank like this? Are you a prankster?  Would you be mad, too, if this happened to you?

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6 Responses to Mom’s Scary Prank

  1. Yvette Carol says:

    That’s a pretty scary looking cat, to me! I’d have jumped a mile.
    My girlfriends when I was a young teenager were pranksters, and needless to say, they had a field day with me! I’m still plotting my revenge! ha ha

  2. That’s funny. It is a really creepy looking…thing. Not sure it’s quite a cat. Although it really doesn’t look like an owl.

  3. No matter how many times I hear this story, it still makes me laugh. Yes, it’s very creepy looking, and you’re right that it doesn’t quite look like a cat, nor an owl. A thing is a good way to describe it! Thanks for visiting, Alex.

  4. Patricia says:

    I am not amused. I do not like practical jokes. It’s funny story though when its someone else’s story.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Patricia, I have a feeling there are a lot of people who feel the same way as you do. I was raised in a family of jokers, so I get a kick out of family pranks, as long as they’re harmless. Thanks so much for stopping in!

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