Holiday Air Head Moments – You Just Made the List!

Busy holiday preparations make for lots of air head moments.

Lynn Kelley, Airheads AnonymousI do some pretty ditzy things when I’m overtired, like putting eye liner on my lips, pouring coffee into an upside-down mug, and paying the service station cashier for gas, then driving halfway down the freeway before remembering I forgot to put the fuel in my car.

Lynn Kelley, air head moments

While the hustle and bustle takes quite a toll on mothers, many fathers also feel wiped out due to all the holiday activities. I remember one Christmas years ago when my brother-in-law Jim worked long hours as a corporate executive. Each night he came home to a list of chores my sister Cindy handed him to help her get everything in order by the 25th.

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One night Jim flipped through the JC Penney catalog and found the special pull-away sweat pants he’d searched the stores for as a gift for his son. He asked Cindy to phone the order in.

She was putting the three kids to bed. “I can’t. You’ll have to do it.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Jim told her. “I’ve never placed a catalog order.”

Cindy knew her executive spouse could handle the task. “I’m putting the kids to bed. Call it in.”

So, Jim dialed the number, but it was busy. A few moments later, in another room on another land line phone, Jim hit ‘redial.’ He didn’t realize he’d called the pizza joint they’d ordered dinner from.

A male voice answered and mumbled something Jim didn’t understand. “Will this be pick up or delivery?” the man asked.

“Delivery,” Jim answered. The man asked for an address, so Jim recited his address, including the state and zip code.

Next, the guy asked, “What would you like to order?”

“R424-0529D,” Jim said.

“Excuse me?” the guy asked, so Jim repeated the number.

“Sir, just exactly what kind of pizza do you want?”

Jim was so embarrassed, he hung up the phone. He told Cindy what happened and they had a good laugh. Cindy ended up placing the catalog order, and then she called me to tell me about it, because I always appreciate a funny story. I told her to tell Jim, “You just made the Air Heads Anonymous list.”

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Lynn Kelley, Air Head Moments

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6 Responses to Holiday Air Head Moments – You Just Made the List!

  1. Pambelina says:

    Did you go back and get the gas? I hope you were able to make it there!
    The story about Jim calling in the order is a crack up! That’s what we had to do long ago, before internet shopping, call in the catalog order….Jim wouldn’t have gotten it wrong in this day 🙂

    • Yes, I did go back and got the gas. Good thing I noticed my mistake before the tank got down to empty! I was so happy no one else had pulled up to my pump and pumped the gas I paid for!

      Yes, that mixup with the catalog order is pretty funny. I wonder if anyone uses a catalog anymore? Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Pambelina!

  2. Haha, those are good! I do plenty of things like this, but right now I don’t even have the brain to think of them!

  3. Yvette Carol says:

    Hilarious, Lynnie! I’m sure I qualify for the club. I tried spray tan once, and my airhead moment was to go out shopping without checking in the mirror. I got a lot of strange looks. When I arrived home, I had a look in the mirror and discovered I had a totally orange face with two white circles around the eyes! Needless to say, I was mortified for a while before I could laugh about it! Ha ha 🙂

    • Yvette, that’s a hilarious story. Thanks for the laughs! Sounds like the kind of things I do. I love your airhead story. I’ll have to share this in a future post. I’m gad you were able to laugh about it after the initial shock. Did you take a photo? Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this delightful story!

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