Friday Funnies From A Funny Family – A Little Giggle Getaway

Lynn Kelley,

My funny family clowning around at son’s 4th birthday party. Yours truly disguised as Buffy the Clown.

Welcome to Friday Funnies. How about a little Giggle Getaway?

I always wanted to be a clown, but everybody just laughed at me.

So, I raised four clowns instead. They, in turned, passed those funny genes on to my grand clowns. So far, there are five funny grand bunnies. We never know what to expect.

This video of grand baby’s lip smacking and funny faces always makes me laugh.

I don’t know which is funnier, my daughter’s laughter or grand baby’s lip smacking and funny expressions. What do you think?

It all started with my mom and dad:

Lynn Kelley, Friday Funnies, Funny Family

My mom clowning around a few years ago.

Here’s Dad riding my nephew’s clown bike 15 years ago:

I love being part of a funny, quirky family.

Lynn Kelley, Friday Funnies, Funny Family

My son in a rabbit outfit with long arms and freaky big hands, two of my nephews, and middle daughter.

From the bottom upwards: Dad, my sister Pam, me, and my sister Cindy in the early ’80s.

“Families are like Fudge – Mostly sweet with a few nuts.” ~Anonymous

Lynn Kelley, Friday Funnies, Funny Family

Should I be worried?

I hope some of these gave you a chuckle or two. If not, you can read this link about When Laughing Isn’t Appropriate.

How about you, do you come from a funny family? Do you like clowns? What makes you laugh?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting. If you enjoyed this post, I’d be tickled if you’d subscribe!

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10 Responses to Friday Funnies From A Funny Family – A Little Giggle Getaway

  1. Our family didn’t have that kind of sense of humor. Glad yours could share in the zaniness. I’d say no worries!

  2. Patricia says:

    I have no aversion to clowns. I think of myself as a clown but I’m sure not a lot of others would. I crack myself up mostly. I do love laughing though. And, I can laugh at myself if need arises. Well, of course I can, I’m pretty darned funny, just ask me.

    My family were not clowns but we did sometimes clown around. Usually just at home where no one saw us. And there’s no photographic evidence.

    Thanks for the snickers this Friday. Always good to enjoy a guffaw on occasion.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Good to know you have no aversion to clowns, Patricia. I can vouch for your sense of humor. Some of your blog posts are pretty funny and mighty clever to boot. Good to know your family does clown around, even if there’s no hard evidence to prove it. I’m glad you got a kick out of my crazy family antics! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Yvette Carol says:

    Ah, now I see where you get it from, Lynn! That pic of you with your dad and siblings is the greatest! 😀

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Thanks, Yvette! I grew up in a funny, quirky family. That’s a fun picture. Too bad my two brothers didn’t get in on the fun. I don’t think they were there that day. Thanks for visiting!

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