Lucky 7 Meme – May Duh Odds Be Ever in Yer Favor!

I loved to play tag as a kid. Did you? Now I get to play a different kind of tag. The Lucky 7 Meme game is a fun version just for writers, and I got tagged by Ginger Calem and Ruth Schiffman (cuz they can run faster than me). Once tagged, the taggee must post a tiny snippet of their current WIP (work in progress) and then tag other writers to do the same–all based on the number 7.  

To quote Ginger: “How cool is this thing?  I mean, you can get a glimpse and tease of all these novels in progress!  Love that!”

Me, too, Ginger! Thank you for the tag. And thank you, Ruth.

Be sure to go to Ruth’s post at Out on a Limb. Her excerpt makes me want to find out what the heck is up with that mean girl. And Granville, is he the heart throb? I want to know what’s going on with them.

Also, don’t miss Ginger’s post at I Am Blogger…Hear Me Tweet and read an excerpt from her young adult novel. It’s good. Really good (just like her blog), but…she leaves us hanging with a page turner, only we don’t get to turn the page until it’s published! No fair, I say, but dah rules is dah rules, and here they are, the Rules of the Lucky 7 Meme:

1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript/WIP. 
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

This is an excerpt from my YA novel. Leslie reflects on her lousy day. I’ll need to revise this many times before it’s ready to publish, but here goes:

              All I wanted was to see the love of my life, and I woke up with the zit from hell, ended up in this filthy dump, and found Tina sleeping next to Anchovie. He whisked me into a car with his reckless brother, who insulted me and drove like a maniac.
It was pure torture meeting Anchovie’s rude mother and sister, and I wanted to die when I gagged on the hair in my spaghetti. I sweated like a pig waiting for the Pink Bus, then got dunked in icy waves, only to surface and find Anchovie gaping at my shriveled, naked chest. And why’d Chuck make me haul butt to help out with Tina? She just wanted to kill me. Then Dee jumped all over me like it was my fault Tina lost her marbles.
            Oh my God, my God, I’m losin’ it. What should I do? RUN! a voice inside me screamed. So I did. I bolted out of that dung heap as fast as I could. 

I think this is more fun than playing the Lucky 7 slot machines that seldom pay off! Finding a snippet of a blogger’s WIP is like discovering hidden treasure! We are lucky to get a peek at the gold nuggets  they’re mining. 
My Lucky 7 picks are:
Are you as excited as I am to uncover those pieces of eightseven treasures they’re going to share with us? I hope so.

After we finish playing tag, is anyone up for a game of Red Rover, Red Rover? How about Duck, Duck, Goose?  
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17 Responses to Lucky 7 Meme – May Duh Odds Be Ever in Yer Favor!

  1. Shelley Sly says:

    I like your excerpt! Definitely leaves me with lots of questions: who are these characters mentioned, where exactly is Leslie and why? You've got me interested. 🙂

  2. I love that you have a character called Anchovie!I've so enjoyed following the Lucky 7 Meme around the blogosphere, it's fascinating seeing how different everyone's writing is.

  3. Old Kitty says:

    LOL!! I'd run as fast as I could too!! Yay!!! Take carex

  4. debrakristi says:

    Excellent! I love this snippet! Makes me want to hurry my kid on his current book so we can start reading your book we have sitting here. What fun! Yay!

  5. Ginger Calem says:

    LOVE it. Well done Lynn! Your voice rings loud and clear and I can tell it'll be a fun ride with this story!Thank you for the nice comments about me as well. You're great!

  6. Marcy says:

    Thanks for sharing!I've been tagged twice now too, and even though I generally have a policy against posting unpublished work online, this is so fun that I think I'll have to play too 🙂

  7. What an intriguing cast of characters! And I love the name Anchovie for one, too. But wow, I clicked in from Facebook and sure didn't expect to see my name up there! Thanks. I think. I'll have to see what's on page 77 of my WIP before I know for sure!

  8. Hi, Lynn! I'm glad your heroine listens to the voice inside her. Could her day get any worse? Uh oh, don't answer that question.

  9. Fun, fun look at your story. Has she had a bad day or has she had a baaaad day?! LOL! THanks for sharing!

  10. I could almost smell anchovie! Hahaha! Great story!

  11. Anchovie!! Love your snippet Lynn 🙂

  12. Kecia Adams says:

    A character named Anchovies is very cool. Great job, Lynn!

  13. Wow, this pulls you in like an awesome first line! Very cool, and some very fresh imagery. 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my blog; I hadn't seen this yet. I think I'm the last person to be tagged with this!

  14. Now that sounds like one heck of a bad day!

  15. Great names and a wonderful piece. It has me wondering.

  16. Sheesh, makes my bad days look nothing! Intense snippet, Lynn, thanks for sharing =)

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