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The word prompt for the day is “messy.”

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It

I loved raising our children, but as a working mother, time and energy were never in my favor. Then POOF! All four of our kids were grown up.

The grandkids started arriving when I was not quite 54. I waited a long time for these little darlings. By then wisdom had set in and I realized this was a second chance. I pay close attention to the cute things they say and do, and I take way too many pictures and videos because I know how fast these little ones grow up.

This post is about the day I let my grand baby dig into his beef macaroni:

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It

To Grasshopper From Grammy

Messy! Remember the days when the mess had its ways? Ah, the fun and the play, mush molded like clay.

Hooray for grandmas who say yes to the mess.

Messy, messy, messy. Carefree and light. Messy hands building pathways to the future, creativity pouring forth from your developing mind.

Free to learn, to feel, to play, to laugh, to smell, to taste.

Sweet memories made.

Free to explore wherever the messiness takes us. Colors, textures, squishy, messy sauce.

Like paint on the plate, you dip your fingers and smush it on your face, rub in into your hair, and all over your tummy, the tray, and up to your elbows.

You laugh and giggle and smear more sauce, then dip a noodle and slurp it up. Yummy messy goodness.

No, no–Oh, splat! Not on the wall!  Whoa, what a mess. An adorable mess.

Who needs finger paints when you’ve got beef macaroni? Finger-licking messy scrumptiousness.

Will his baby mind remember? No.

But Grammy will remember and forever treasure these baby messes, as precious as his giggles and his harmless threats to toss his blanket on the floor if he’s put in his crib for a nap.

Sleep and rest awhile as layer upon layer of learning settles into your soul. These baby messes help you grow, develop, thrive until you become the person you are meant to be.

With love from Grammy

Here’s a 54 second recording. I kicked up the speed. This video still makes me smile.

When Grasshopper turned four years old, he became a picky eater at times, just like a lot of other kids. To read about Picky Eaters Disposing of  Their Food in Sneaky Ways, go here.

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What are your thoughts? Did you love to make messes when you were a kid? Were your parents strict? Did your grandparents let you make messes? 

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4 Responses to Messy – With Love From Grammy

  1. I can’t watch the video. Brings back nightmares of my oldest nephew eating spaghetti. Worse than a horror movie.

  2. Pambelina says:

    I did watch the video, but Alex is right, worse than a horror movie! haha It’s all part of the process, and letting them make messes is a call for patience, which I think is a wonderful quality that grandma’s have!!! (we cringe on the inside though) 🙂

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      You’re much better at dealing with messes than I am, Pambelina, so pat yourself on the back for all the grandma patience you have! Definitely worth all the wonderful memories, though!

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