Dancing Improves Brain Function and Reverses Signs of Aging

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I’m constantly looking for more information about preventing Alzheimer’s disease. The video below is jam-packed with information and inspiration about how dancing improves brain function and reverses signs of aging.  This is the first source I’ve come across that mentions reversing the signs of aging in regards to the brain.

I like how the video explains things in a simple way, plus it has images which illustrate the various points. Length is 3 minutes 28 seconds.

This ties in with the posts I’ve published these past couple months about how to reduce your risk of getting dementia:

The video also mentions how dancing improves memory, learning, and balance and it also helps with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Looking for a simple line dance to learn to get a jump start on exercising your brain and reducing your risk of dementia? Here’s a post on the Cupid’s Shuffle. Have fun and keep your brain young at the same time!

What are your thoughts? Do you know someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia? Did you find this video as fascinating as I did? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share this post with others so we can spread the good news about ways to help prevent dementia.

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Lynn Kelley, Master Certified Health Coach, Grammy Gets It

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It, Master Certified Health Coach

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6 Responses to Dancing Improves Brain Function and Reverses Signs of Aging

  1. Pambelina says:

    That was a great video! I liked it a lot because it is about ALL types of dance, not just ballroom dancing. So this is good to know, and very likely will get more people involved in dancing, since it’s not just one type. Very informative…thank you!

    • Yes, I agree this is a great video. Continuing to learn new skills is what I’ve come to realize is so important to reduce our risks of dementia. Adding music and different moves, etc., changing things up, adds more benefits. The more brain functions an activity requires, the better for our brains. But anything new that we learn is beneficial. We have lots of options to exercise our brains. I think it’s awesome. Thanks for your feedback, Pambelina!

  2. Sadly, I do know someone.
    And sadly, I am a crappy dancer.

    • I’m sorry you do know someone with dementia and that you know the heartbreak it causes. Crappy dancer makes no difference, Alex! Your brain doesn’t care. It benefits just by learning new moves, new skills, not just dancing. Dancing is especially good for the brain because it involves multiple brain functions working together, but learning any new skills are helpful in reducing our risks for getting dementia. A new game, a new sport, a new hobby. Once it becomes muscle memory or moving without thinking, then it’s time to vary the activity or learn a new skill. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Joanna Woods says:

    Interesting info on dancing and memory. I just installed Amazon Echo Dot to help me find my phone, since I lose it all the time. It calls me to help me find it. I’ve also started to ask her (it) to play 80s and 90s Alternative music and I’ve found myself dancing around the house. It’s really improved my mood.

    • Oh my gosh, that’s so cool that the Amazon Echo Dot helps you find your phone! I lose mine all the time, too. Asking it to play music you love sounds wonderful. Music always improves my mood, too, and I love to dance around the house. Dancing and music, two of my favorite things to do! You go, Joanna! Dance like no one is watching! I might have to check into getting something like the Amazon Echo Dot, too. Thanks for sharing that.

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