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Dancing Improves Brain Function and Reverses Signs of Aging

I’m constantly looking for more information about preventing Alzheimer’s disease. The video below is jam-packed with information and inspiration about how dancing improves brain function and reverses signs of aging.  This is the first source I’ve come across that mentions … Continue reading

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Preventing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Part 2 – Health & Wellness Wednesday

Part 1 of Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease covered a major study published in the Journal of New England Medicine, which revealed fascinating findings about certain leisure activities that reduce our risks of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. As if playing board games, reading, engaging … Continue reading

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Preventing Alzheimer’s Part 1 – Health and Wellness Wednesday

Recent studies show Alzheimer’s disease may soon outpace heart disease. Do you find that information as alarming as I do? Has Alzheimer’s or dementia affected someone you know? A Recent Study on Preventing Alzheimer’s Presently, there’s no known cure. However, a recent study … Continue reading

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