How to Make a Therapeutic Heating Bag – Wonderful Idea for Christmas Gifts

Maria Cisneros Toth, Author and YouTuber

Are you looking for ideas to make for Christmas gifts?

My friend, Maria Cisneros Toth, just uploaded this video tutorial explaining how to make a therapeutic heating bag. They’re something everyone will like, and if we use colorful, fun fabric prints, these will make nice Christmas gifts.

I think my favorite fabric in this video is the mermaid print.

Maria says, “I can’t say enough good stuff about these therapeutic heating bags, which can also double as a cool pack. I purchased my first therapy bag about 20 years ago at a craft fair. In fact, I bought one for my dad, too, and he also loved it.

“The bags are so simple to make, and they also make wonderful gifts any time of the year. Instruction on how to heat/cool these bags is included in this discussion box. Thanks for watching! Happy sewing!”

Maria Explains How to Use Your Microwaveable Heating & Cooling Pack:

1. Lightly spritz both sides of rice filled cloth bag with cool water.

2. Place the therapeutic bag in the microwave and heat for one minute.

3. Carefully remove from microwave and place the bag on the back of your hand to test for its warmth.

4. For additional heat, microwave at 30 second intervals, but DO NOT overheat bag.

5. Place the warm therapeutic pack over clothing on sore muscles.

6. For pocket warmers, lightly spritz small cloth bags and place them in the microwave. Heat at 30 second intervals until warm, usually about one minute. Slip pocket warmers in pockets.

7. Therapeutic bag also doubles as a cooling pack. To use as a cooling pack, place bag in freezer for two hours, or until cooled to your satisfaction.”

Lynn Kelley

Look at the various fabric prints Maria has used to make these heating bags. She’s giving some as Christmas gifts and is selling some, too.

She gave me one of these heating packs, and let me tell you, it works great to loosen up knots in my neck and shoulders.

Thanks for sharing these with us, Maria.

Maria’s not only a YouTuber, but she’s an author, too.

For those who appreciate excellent children’s literature and enjoy compelling stories mixed with humor and characters you’ll fall in love with, read Butterfly Hollow.

Cover of Butterfly Hollow

“The Great Depression. An innocent man in jail. And something lurks in the woods…

“My name is Charlene Parker. I’m eleven years old and my daddy is behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit. The Gator-Man killed Otis Beecher, but no one believes me. Even Momma thinks I’m telling tall tales. But the Gator-Man is as real as the Great Depression. I’ve seen its monster shadow creeping in the woods. What will it take for someone to listen? Another body found down by the creek? If it’s mine, then maybe they’ll finally believe what I already know—my daddy is not a cold-blooded killer.”

Also available as an eBook:

Bio: Maria Cisneros Toth enjoys creating family friendly videos. Her YouTube channel offers plenty of Halloween fun for the entire family, simple crafts, a children’s storytime, store tours and shopping hauls, visits to Disneyland parks, recipes & food reviews, pet rocks, and much more.

She has a background in journalism. Her work, including children’s stories, has appeared in The Los Angeles Times and the San Bernardino Sun. She’s served as a Reading Buddy at local schools and has appeared on Storytime, a children’s television program.

She’s written a historical fiction mystery novel, Butterfly Hollow, and a collection of spooky short stories: Strange, Weird, and Creepy Tales for tweens. Maria also co-wrote two middle grade “Monster Moon” mysteries under the pseudonym, BBH McChiller, Curse at Zala Manor and Secret of Haunted Bog.

Her favorite holiday is Halloween. She enjoys ghostly tales and reading epitaphs at historic graveyards.

Learn more about Maria at

Do you like to make gifts? Do you appreciate homemade gifts that come from the heart? Do you enjoy children’s literature?

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2 Responses to How to Make a Therapeutic Heating Bag – Wonderful Idea for Christmas Gifts

  1. Yvette Carol says:

    Wonderful! What a great idea for gifts. I love Maria’s craft videos, so I’ll go over to YouTube to look so I can give her a like, etc. I used to have a wheat bag which I used during my pregnancies to ease all the aches and pains, and it worked brilliantly 🙂

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Hi Yvette! That’s neat that you had one of these heating bags filled with wheat, so you know how well they work. I know Maria will appreciate you clicking “like” on her video. She did a good job and explained everything so well, even an older child can follow along. Thanks for stopping by!

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