Ahoy, Squiffies – It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrr, me hearties! September 19th be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Pirates Pic, Lynn Kelley Author, BBH McChiller, Monster Moon Mysteries

Photo by Lynn Kelley
Downtown Riverside Street Jam

Shiver me timbers, here be pirate jokes to celebrate:

By yers truly as Funny Bones!

And here a short video be to learns how to talk like a pirate:

(Take heed, landlubbers: Parts o’ this mights be rated PG-13.)

Fer perfectionists with lots o’ time to squelch, here a longer video be. Amusin’, educational, and humorous, aye!

(Avast, another warning, mateys: Parts o’ this mights also be rated PG-13.)

Fer fun pirate trivia, go here.

Do ye like pirate speak? Or would ye rather trapped in Davy Jones’ Locker be? Arrr! Don’t be a crusty, old barnacle. Yeo-heave-ho and a barrel of fun!

Avast! Tis fair winds ahead, squiffies! Har! Har! Har!

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27 Responses to Ahoy, Squiffies – It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. Ay alas appen alls well me heartie!

  2. Saw arm and a leg coming! Funny.

  3. Fun post, Lynn. I say, “Avast, ye mateys!” Don’t know what it means, but must’ve of heard in a movie.

  4. LOL! While we like the whole Pirates of the Carribean thing, we’ve never had the yen to dress or talk like pirates. 😉

  5. I be keelhaulin’ Firrrefox at work today, but no one seems to notice, LOL! Can’t watch the videos here, but I bet they’re fun!

  6. Diana Beebe says:

    Arrgh, matey! Your humor keeps ye from walking the plank.


  7. Call me a crusty ol’ barnacle… Coz I be stumped! 😉 (Them jokes tickled me funny bone, but…)

  8. Patricia says:

    Arggg. I think me thromborax is avastly broken for when I command the scurvy scum to swab the decks at me house, instead of gettin’ an aye aye cap’n, I get a horrified look of disgust from the brazen crew. What say ye? Shall I keep exercising me thromborax or simply make the heathens and wenches walk the plank?

    Good stuff today, Lynn. Wish I’d have know about this a little sooner in the day though. Kind of late now to be enjoyin’ it.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Yarr, salty sea air and shoutin’ orders sinks ye thromborax, matey! Them bottle-heads best mind the cap’n of the ship or poop deck it be for ’em bilge rats swabbers! Bewares o’ mutiny, Cap’n Ma!

  9. Hardy har, har matie, I mean Lynn. You got some great comments. 🙂

  10. Yvette Carol says:

    Land ahoy! There be pirates swarming the rigging and swinging cutlasses. Better makes sure they be packing shovels too, ay? Captain Kelley, are there pirates in yer next book too, or am I imaginating things?

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Yvette – Me loves yer pirate speak! Methinks ye must ‘ave some pirate blood in ye! Fergive this haggard sea wench fer takin’ so long to reply. Been on the poop deck lately. That be poop deck fer bein’ pooped out, not the latrine! Arrr! (And ew!) Me thanks ye fer climbin’ aboard Random Acts o’ Weirdness, matey!

  11. Nas says:

    Ho…ho…ho and a bottle of rum!

  12. Ahoy Matey. Tis barrels of fun to speak pirate! Missed the day but will do my best today. 😉

  13. I heard if you went into Long John Silvers on Pirate’s day, and talked like one, they gave you free food. Did you try it?

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