WWF Fans – Get Superstar Figurines at the Dollar Tree!

Attention: WWF fans, heads up!

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller

There are four WWF collector superstar figurines: John Cena, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and Undertaker for sale at the Dollar Tree.

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller

My husband spotted them and grabbed one of each for our son, who happens to be a big WWF fan and also a collector. What a great find, huh? If you’re a World Wrestling Federation fan, too, you might want to hurry to your local store before they sell out.

If you happen to be a WWF fan, which superstar is your all-time favorite? I’d love to know.

The holidays are right around the bend and these small figurines would make great stocking stuffers for big or little WWF fans.

Just thought I’d share these little gems with you guys in case you’re interested.

Sorry I’ve been MIA these past couple months. I’ve been in a funk. I’m not really sure why. Maybe witnessing my aging parents’ health decline? I’m thankful both are still with us, but it’s rough to see the toll taking care of  my father (he has Alzheimer’s) is taking my mother.

Also, seeing the state of confusion my father is constantly in, this once brilliant mind, now questioning the reality of every moment is a heart breaker. His short term memory is bad, but thankfully he still recognizes us. He’s still witty on the spot when responding to certain comments. And then those thoughts are lost. Yes, definitely why I’ve been in a funk.

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller

Mom in her new swimsuit. She hadn’t gone swimming in years, but rediscovered how much fun it is. I cropped the photo, because she’d kill me if I shared a pic of her in a swimsuit!

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller

My dad in plaid.

However, I hope to keep up with blogging more regularly, though. It’s important to preserve precious family memories and also share some of the wonders of our world with you. And a bargain or two when we find them! Life is hard but, oh, so good.

How have you been? Yes, I do care, so please let me know. If you only knew how excited I get when someone leaves a comment. I guess I’m easily pleased, but interacting with real folks, even if it’s via cyberspace, is pretty amazing, don’t you think? After all, we’re all in this together, right? Life here on Planet Earth, that is. 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful day!




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8 Responses to WWF Fans – Get Superstar Figurines at the Dollar Tree!

  1. Marjorie Flathers says:

    Hi Lynn….Good to see you blogging again. I missed them, and you! But I can see why “the wind has gone out of your sails.” So sorry about your dad, and of course, your mom, who is dealing with all of this. Illness like this are so hard to understand. But great photos of them! How old is your dad?
    Anyway, I can certainly relate and thought I’d share this with you. Do you remember our youngest daughter. Gail? She is now 51, and her husband of 19 years is only 66, and she, unfortunately, is dealing with much the same thing with him. The Drs. say it is definitely not dementia or Alzheimer’s (he’s had all the tests, etc.) but it’s just like it—-severe memory loss, etc. Started about 4 years ago, and we can trace it to the very strong pain meds he was given (as a patch) for back, leg, and foot problems he encountered from all his years as a Firefighter. Anyway, this terrible stuff is called Fentanol (I think) and I’ve now learned that it completely destroys brain cells and is irreversible! Why something like this is on the market, I don’t know! So, now he’s gotten really bad, and it’s so sad. He, too, still recognizes people, but that’s about it—–no short term memory, at all, and as Gail says, no way to have a conversation. Just doesn’t connect or remember anything she tells him. And now he is getting very angry about everything, which was not like him at all—always was easy-going, etc. And to add to the problem, he refuses to eat, says he has no appetite, etc., so has become very thin. He’s over 6 feet tall. Very sad and upsetting.
    So she has no idea what’s next, and I worry about her health, stress levels, etc. She is still teaching (school—and that brings its own stresses— and aerobics) and is still leader of the music group at church. So, this give her outlets, but she is ALWAYS worried about EVERYTHING. None of us ever expected anything like this!
    My mom had some similar problems, which was SO difficult, but she was MUCH older, and it’s so different when it’s your spouse! Can’t even imagine.
    I know this is long, but as soon as I read your blog, I wanted to let you know you’re not alone. Hope the “funk” you were in continues to be lifted. I’ll look forward to future posts. Take care, dear friend…..I’ll be thinking of you and praying for your family, especially your mom and dad. Much love, Marge
    P.S. How is your husband doing these days? Well, I hope.

  2. Oh, dear God, Marge, I’m so sorry for Gail’s husband’s decline. How heart breaking. Yes, it takes a toll on the spouse. Gail needs to take extra good care of herself. Good thing she’s doing aerobics. The exercise helps undo some of the damage stress does to us. Is Fentanol still on the market? I’m at a loss for words. My heart goes out to Gail and to you as her mother. Of course you’re concerned about her.

    My father is 85. Mom will be 83 next month. Thank you for your prayers, Marge. I’ll pray for Gail and her husband. So stinking sad. Love you!

    • Marjorie Flathers says:

      Thank you so much, Lynn, for your kind words and prayers. So appreciate it, and so needed, especially now that things have gotten worse. Long story, but mainly, he still wants to drive, and this is not good, as he has had a couple of “mishaps,” but it could get worse, so Gail is trying to decide what to do, considering his anger issues. Yes, “Fentanyl” (I spelled it wrong before) is still on the market, probably because “not everyone has this reaction/problem,” but I don’t think it should be—-NASTY stuff, for sure—complete personality changer. Every day brings a new problem, and as I said, I am so concerned about her, stress levels, etc. But loving thoughts and prayers from friends like you really help. And I like what your friend Yvette said…”Kia Kaha.” Good to remember. Love you, too….Marge

      • Lynn Kelley says:

        My apologies for taking so long to reply, Marge. I just saw this comment today. I agree that Fentanyl shouldn’t be on the market. What a devastating side effect. I can’t imagine what your daughter is going through, and how horrible for her husband to have to deal with anger issues, confusion, and usually fear goes along with it because everything is so uncertain and losing one’s memory is terrible. I’m so sorry for all of you. Alzheimer’s affects the whole family. May God be with you, all of you. XO

  3. Yvette Carol says:

    It’s so wonderful to have you back, Lynn. I wondered where you were. I’m so sorry to hear about your parents health decline. As you know, it was the same but the other way around with my parents. My father was round-the-clock nursemaid and caregiver for my slightly addled mother the last fifteen years of their marriage. Dad went from being as fit as a twenty-five-year-old to being old and frail. We were so worried for him. So, I know some of what you’re going through. Kia Kaha, or Be Strong, as the Maori say here. xx

    • Yes, Yvette, I remember when your dad was care giver for your mother and how hard it was for you to see her declining health and the toll it took on your sweet father. He was so frail at the end of his life and you’ve had to say goodbye to both parents. So very hard.

      I love the Maori saying. Thank you for those lovely words. Kia Kaha. I will remember this. XO

  4. So sorry to read about your dad – but glad your mom’s doing well!

    I was in TN all last week, so I’m a bit behind on my blog reading, but was thinking of you this morning as I mixed up my Arbonne protein shake. Glad to see you back to blogging, and I just had to comment on this post : when it comes to WWE, I have to like Kane, because he’s our mayor! Or will be, when we move. Yep, Glen Jacobs, aka Kane, is the mayor of Knox County, TN, which is why we haven’t seen him on the show lately. (He’s also a respected businessman in the area, and owns an insurance agency).

    Anyway, hope you’re able to get out of your funk and hope everything is going well for you, aside from your dad’s issues.

  5. Lynn Kelley says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s so cool that your new mayor will be Glen Jacobs, aka Kane! I have a lot of blogs to catch up on. Sounds like your plans are coming along. Pretty exciting.

    Thank you for the well wishes for my dad. Mom’s health isn’t good. She’s in A-fib 70% of the time, is exhausted all the time. Being a care giver has taken a toll on her. Again, every day they’re still with us is a blessing.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jennette!

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