Free Paranormal Mystery Thriller eBook – The Decomposer: Fallow

If you’re a fan of paranormal mystery thrillers, you’re going to love C. Sonberg Larson’s debut novel, The Decomposer: Fallow, Part 1.

Free eBook download available from April 10th through the 14th
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This one’s not for kids. Nope. This is an edgy page turner.

Jonathan Thornton Flynn owns a billion-dollar diamond corporation, has a strong marriage, and two children. He’s at the top of the proverbial ‘food chain’ of human society.

A backfired scheme costs Johnny the person he loves most, and he decides to end things once and for all. His plan goes off without a hitch… until Auster finds him.

Now Johnny has a new body, a new life, and a new purpose, whether he likes it or not.

Johnny struggles to discover who, or what, he is now, and why Auster brought him back.

The Decomposer: Fallow

Free eBook download – Friday, April 10th through Tuesday, April 14th
Also available in paperback

I gave this book five stars. A unique, well-written thriller, which is both plot and character driven. The Decomposer is compelling and fast-paced with multiple layers of intrigue, mystery, horror, paranormal, time travel, and more, all brilliantly interwoven into an original tale that left me wanting more, more, more. Larson’s debut novel is sure to garner a huge fan base that begs to get their hands on Book 2 ASAP.

Joanna Woods gives it five stars. “I’m not a horror junkie, but this book is more about relationships and the ramifications of one’s actions as stories are woven within Jonathan Flynn’s story. The creepy aspects are written so well that it felt like my skin was decomposing with the main character.”

About the Author: C. Sonberg Larson lives in Southern California and has been writing stories since the age of seven. Larson’s stories and poetry have received awards and recognition. Larson also wrote several chilling tales that were featured in the annual Ghost Walk in Riverside, California. Visit

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8 Responses to Free Paranormal Mystery Thriller eBook – The Decomposer: Fallow

  1. Oooo, sounds great. Very intriguing. I like to read books that are NOT for kids sometimes. It sounds great. I will download it. Thanks, bestie.

  2. Sounds good, and the fact that you gave it five stars means there’s a good chance I’ll like it–after all, you have excellent taste! 😀

  3. Free? Now that’s a deal.

  4. Sounds like a gripping tale! Awesome cover, too!

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