Darth Vader Fans?

Do you collect Star Wars memorabilia? Do you have a Darth Vader speakerphone? George and I visited my brother and his family last month. He showed us his office, and I noticed the Darth Vader speakerphone, vintage 1983.

He demonstrated how it works:

Pretty cool, huh? In a galaxy near or far from your place, you can find this collectible in cyberspace:

Click on image to view on Amazon.

Returning to the galaxy of Random Acts of Weirdness, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Emblazon site’s Sizzlin’ Summer Freebies and downloaded my books, Curse of the Double Digits and Curse at Zala Manor.

Curse of the Double Digits made it to #7 on Amazon’s Friendships, Social Situations and School Life, Girls and Women in the free listing.

Click on Image to View on Amazon

Bummer, the free download days are over, but I lowered the price for a limited time to 99 cents instead of $2.99. 

The audiobook of Curse of the Double Digits was just released. It’s one hour and 29 minutes long and has Whispersync for Voice (explained below).

The cool thing is, if you buy the eBook for 99 cents, you can get the audio version for $1.99 instead of the regular price of $6.95.

Are you familiar with Whispersync? 

I’m just learning about it. Amazon’s site states:

“When you own the Whispersync for Voice-ready Kindle book and the Audible audiobook you can switch between reading and listening without losing your place.”

Read with:

  • All Kindle E Ink readers
  • All Kindle tablets
  • All Kindle reading apps”

Listen with:

  • Audible app for iPhone
  • Audible app for Android
  • All Kindle Tablets

…and never lose your place.

Get the app for iPhone, iPad, or Android here.

Or Read and Listen at the same time with:

  • Kindle Fire (latest generation)
  • Kindle Fire HD 7″
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

For more info about Whispersync, go here. It also explains how Immersion Reading works.

Do you like audiobooks?
I do because it saves me a lot of eye strain.

Are you a Star Wars fan? If so, do you collect memorabilia?
If not, what do you collect, if anything? Rocks? Stamps? Baseball cards?
Diamond jewelry? Comic Books? Vintage lunch boxes? 

I like to collect my thoughts. 🙂

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22 Responses to Darth Vader Fans?

  1. Yvette Carol says:

    Wow, Lynn, I’m in love with your Darth Vader speakerphone. Teresa will pop a cork over that little nugget! I must try audio-books – you guys have been telling me the benefits for some time, and I still haven’t gotten onto it – but for the littlies, I know Sam looooves all his, and he listens to them over & over.
    That’s so cute that you ‘collect your thoughts’. 🙂
    I like to collect folks who are outraged with me over speaking my mind. Turns out not everyone in the public forum is a fan of excitable, opinionated women. Who knew? ha ha.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Yvette – Yes, that Darth Vader speakerphone would be neat to have. Good conversation piece! I love audiobooks but they cost way more than eBooks and I’m on a budget. I’m not sure how many our library has, but that’s a good way to go if we can’t buy them. I’m just so bad about returning books on time and then have to pay a fine. It’s not good when I lose a book and can’t return it! 🙂

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Yvette, I forgot to reply to your comment about your unusual collection! Maybe you should sell your collection as a package deal on eBay. Be sure an excitable, opinionated woman buys them. On sale. Or donate that collection to your local thrift store?

      Okay, not funny. I know. I did my best to cheer you up. I could scrounge up a funny video of armpit farts to cheer you up. Not funny? Well, I think your boys would get a laugh or two out of that. Don’t let those weenies get under your skin. You deserve better online peeps than those folks. 🙂

      • Yvette Carol says:

        Thanks, babe. Funny thing was, I tried to leave (yesterday). I’d come home from another emotional rollercoaster visit to ma, and read all these semi-hysterical reactions on LinkedIn to something I’d said, and I seriously wanted out. So I went in, apologized and said I didn’t think I should be let out in public too often, and I thought that was it. Since then, I’ve been inundated with requests pleading with me not to leave! Sheesh. I said I’d stick around, but just quietly, I won’t be participating to anything like the same degree. They’re draining me!
        As to the arm-farts, I already have the world’s best right here under this roof. Nat’s perfected the art – and he cracks me up all the time – so don’t worry, the smiles and the laughter are still rolling. 🙂

        • Lynn Kelley says:

          Yvette, isn’t that something that they realized they made you want to leave, felt guilty, apologized, and begged you to stay? If those people drain you, that’s a good sign that you’re better off not participating in their discussions.

          As for the world’s best armpit farter, go, go, go Nat! I’m impressed. I’ve never been able to learn how to do it. Not even a little pffft! Can’t whistle or hoola hoop either. Proud to say I can pat my head, rub my tummy, and chew gum at the same time, though! So glad your boys keep you laughing. They’re the people who truly matter, anyways!

  2. I’m stunned the phone still works. More of a Star Trek fan. Although the Dr. McCoy speaker phone might not be as imposing.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Alex – I like Star Trek, too, but I like Star Wars a bit better. No, I don’t think the Dr. McCoy speakerphone would be as imposing, but it would definitely be cool to have one!

  3. Can you believe it? He actually saved that phone after all these years. Wow Lynn. I would have to say that he is a fan. I saw the first Star Wars film. And I like Darth Vader. But sadly, I have no memorabilia. Thanks for the information on Whispersync. I didn’t know that. It came in handy girl. 🙂

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Karen, I don’t have any Star Wars memorabilia either. No room to put it even if I had some! I’m glad you found that Whispersync info helpful. I don’t know how new it is, but it doesn’t seem to be very well known yet, but I think that will change as audiobooks become more popular. It’s so nice to listen to a story and give our eyes a break! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Karen, I know! I spotted that gem in my brother’s office and asked him about it. I wasn’t sure what it was. It was fun to see the Darth Vader speakerphone in action! I’m surprised it didn’t come with a blinking light saber!

      Glad the Whispersync info came in handy. I’m interested in it, too, now that I’ve learned about it.

  4. You and Yvette are too funny!! Yes, I do love that Darth Vader speaker though. 😉

    I’ve heard of Whispernet but haven’t tried it yet. It sounds great! I really need to look into it.

    Congratulations on how well Double digits did!! Hope it’ll continue to do so!

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Teresa – Yes, Yvette and I are having some fun with comments today! Glad you popped over to join us. I haven’t tried Whispersync yet and now I’m wondering what the difference is with that and Whispernet. Hmm, I should Google it and find out.

      Thanks for your support with the freebie promo. You’re totally awesome, girl!

  5. That phone must be worth a lot – too cool! I’m afraid all I collect is dust bunnies. Congrats on your rankings boost!

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Jennette – I don’t think that phone’s worth a whole lot, but if it’s still working in another 50 years, it might be! Funny as heck about collecting dust bunnies! Bummer they have no resale value! 🙂

  6. Christopher is! Darth Vader is his favorite too. He would love that phone. We have a photo of Christopher taken with DV. He’s smiling so big in it. He collects antique model cars and Star Wars figures.

    I collect devotions. Love you! XOXO

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Robyn, how cool that Christopher loves Darth Vader and got his picture taken with him. I’d love to see that pic! Antique model cars is a cool collection to have. My son used to collect Star Wars figures, too. When he outgrew playing with them, he’d still buy them and leave them in the packages. He used thumbnails to hang rows of them on his wall. I guess he thought they’d be worth some money some day, but I have a feeling a lot of people collected Star Wars figures and only the original, early ones are worth some moola. It’s the nostalgia that makes them special anyway. I think collecting devotions is an awesome collection! Thanks for stopping by, Bestie, with all you’re dealing with these days. XO!

  7. Patricia says:

    A Darth Vader speakerphone – something no home should be without. And because I need another thing to annoy my dog with, I think I’ll get me one.

    Thanks for the fun post and congratulations on the book placement on the list.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  8. Dominic S. says:

    That phone is fantastic. I’m always amazed at how much Star Wars (and Star Trek) have become entwined with so many of our lives and emotions. I recently found the audiobooks on tape which were brought out in the 70s or 80s on eBay. I almost bought them too before I pieced together that I no longer have a tape player.

    Anyway, I wanted to point out that the same deal you mentioned for getting the discount on the Audible versions after getting the Kindle version is available on numerous Kindle books. Most days there is at least one daily deal where Amazon’s price point makes the kindle version and Audible audio book available for less than $5.00 and almost always at least one for less than $10.00. If you want to build your audiobook library, those are hard deals to beat.

    • Hi Dominic – Thanks for the heads up about the good deals on audio books. That’s good to know. I’ll have to check for the daily audio deals on Amazon. Good thing you realized you no longer have a tape player before you bought those tapes. LOL!

  9. I gave up on collecting because I hate to dust the stuff. But my desk collects enormous mounds of papers. The bigger the mound, the closer the deadline!

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