Have You Ever Had a Freaky Friday? Parenting Plights & Delights

Lynn Kelley, parenting plights and delights

A couple of weeks ago Kristen Lamb posted a comment on Facebook. She had just returned from trying to drop her toddler off at school Friday morning, but the school parking lot was empty, not a soul around, except for the landscaper.

Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb, Social Media Expert For Writers

Annoyed the school had invented another random holiday, she headed home. Realizing she hadn’t seen the notice announcing another school holiday, she grew even more irritated, especially because they sent so many notices home all the time. If they didn’t send out so many notices, she would have seen this one.

Upon her return, hubby stumbled out of bed and asked where she and The Spawn had gone. By this time, Kristen was fuming and feeling indignant hubby hadn’t bothered to mention the school would be closed that day.

“It’s Saturday,” he said, but she didn’t believe him. Not until she checked her calendar. At that point, hubby was too busy howling with laughter to offer hugs to his sleep deprived wife.

In the end, Kristen was able to laugh at herself and got a hilarious blog post out of it. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Kristen’s not the only one who’s had crazy, mixed up days. After posting about the mix-up on Facebook, my friend Yvette Carol replied in the comment thread, and her story cracked me up so much, I had to pass it along. Here’s what happened, told in her own words:

Yvette Carol

Yvette Carol, Writer

I went to bed one night and stumbled out of bed sometime later, got dressed to go for my morning walk and set off up the road. I couldn’t understand why it seemed to be getting darker instead of lighter.

Then, I realized that I could see people in their houses, switching lights on, and closing curtains. It suddenly dawned on me that it was still night-time.

I quickly turned around and hurried home, to discover it was 10 p.m! I must have only been in bed an hour before I got up again.

Talk about embarrassing!

Do you know what was worse about that night? My parents were staying, and they were still in the living room, watching TV. They were laughing their heads off.

I said, “If you heard me, why didn’t you stop me?” They said they heard me go out the door and thought I wanted to go for an evening sabbatical!

I had to laugh when I read about Kristen’s bad day. And I bet you can relate too, right, Lynn?

Oh, yes, Yvette, I can so relate to this. One morning I thought it was Thursday, not Friday, which was my husband’s day off. He was still sleeping, so I said, “George, what the heck are you doing? Why aren’t you at work?”

He mumbled, “It’s my day off.”

“No, it’s not. IT’S THURSDAY. You better call and let them know you’ll be late.”

Lynn Kelley, Lynn Kelley author, children's author, Curse of the Double Digits, BBH McChiller, Monster Moon mysteries

His eyes popped wide open. He shot out of bed, rushed to the bathroom counter where his cell phone was charging, and checked the date. “It’s Friday, not Thursday,” he huffed, climbing back under the covers.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! I’m sure,” he grumbled, then turned over with his back to me.

“Oh, sorry,” I squeaked. Did I feel bad? Yes, yes, I sure did, for about a split second. The look on his face was priceless. I laughed about it for months.

How about you? Have you ever mixed up your days?

So, do you have a parenting or grandparenting incident?

If you’re not a parent, memories from your own childhood count, too!

 Warning: I might feature your story in a future post.

(Names can be changed to protect the guilty!)

I’d like to thank those who shared a parenting story with me last week.

I’m saving them and will publish some in future posts.

 If you don’t want to leave a comment but would rather contact me by email,

here’s my address: lynkelwoohoo at yahoo dot com.





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31 Responses to Have You Ever Had a Freaky Friday? Parenting Plights & Delights

  1. LOLOL! Great stories. I’m too old to remember MY mistakes (grin), but I remember waking up about 3 AM and hearing the shower going. I did not remember the hubs telling me about a trip or anything, so I crack the door and ask, “What are you doing???”
    “Getting ready for work.”
    “At three in the morning???”
    Long silence. Shower shuts off. He comes back to bed and then is late because he over slept.

  2. Totally had me giggling. But hey. It’s easy to do that. I guess this has happened to all of us at one time or another. Too funny! Thanks for giving me a funny on a Thursday. Or is it Friday?? *checks calendar* xoxo

  3. Funny! I’ve woken up a couple times on a weekend and thought I was late to work, but my mind usually kicked in by the time I reached the bathroom and I just went back to bed.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Alex, I’ve done that, too, on weekends, and wake up disoriented in the middle of the night, thinking it’s morning and it turned out it was only midnight!

  4. marsharwest says:

    LOL Funny stories. I guess this is a common human affliction. I’ve never gotten dressed to go someplace on the wrong day. But frequently wake and for a few moments stumble around in my mind trying to figure out where in the week I am. Nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  5. I remenber Kristen’s story and yours are funny too. It reminds me when I was enormous with Matthew and got all mixed up thinking Phil was out of town and leapt out of bed about to call my neighbour to say there’s an intruder in my bed. We doned out on that for ages.

  6. LOL @ the photo of your husband! Once several years ago, I actually got my daughter to school early,only to find out they had a 2-hour delay. There wasn’t even much snow! Unfortunatly, my work was not on a delay.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Jennette- Glad you got a kick out of that wacky pic of my hubby! Those snow delays can really mess up a working parent’s schedule. At least the school wasn’t closed for the day and your daughter had to hang out there until you got off work. I hate those mix-ups with kids. Just makes us feel more guilty for all the mistakes we make! 🙂

  7. I had to drive to Dallas to meet a traditional publisher who was potentially interested in my book. I had to make all these crazy arrangements to get Hubby to take off work early so he could get The Spawn from nursery school. I show up in Dallas (which is a DRIVE) and the publisher never shows….because the meeting wasn’t until the NEXT DAY *head desk* I could write a BOOK about this kind of stuff. LOVED the post!

    • Yvette Carol says:

      Too much work and no play makes Kristen slightly nutso. I say let’s all take a week off and meet on a Pacific island somewhere for play, play, and more play!!

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Oh, dang, Kristen, that bites. That’s a doozie of a mix-up. Until you write that book about all this stuff, feel free to share it here with us. And I’ll keep an eye out for more of your adventures on Facebook, too! I hope you were able to meet with that publisher the next day, with good results that made it all worthwhile.

      • Yvette Carol says:

        I confess, I got the island party idea from my niece. She said that when I do get my first book published, instead of having a party the whole family should go to Fiji for the weekend but without our babies, and party up large. I’ve always that was a fabo idea. I absolutely love the idea of all us writer gals leaving our kids 7 significant others at home and just letting it all hang out somewhere exotic. I go for your concept. Let’s make a pledge!! 🙂

  8. I never know exactly what day it is…my my younger son, because he has autism, always knows, so I ask him. :} I don’t think any of my incidents are as funny as Kristen’s or Yvette’s though. Your poor hubby, Lynn! LOL!

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Isn’t that something that your son always knows? Wow! Nice that you can count on him to keep your days straight! Maybe you’re not remembering any funny incidents right now, but I bet you’ve had some. I mean anyone who doses off in the middle of writing a sentence or typing a comment has surely had some crazy mix ups, too! Thanks for stopping by, Teresa!

  9. Yvette Carol says:

    That was so fun to see our stories relived this way. Thanks, Lynn! Best to see the light side of these things or we’d all be tearing our hair out, right? The boys were sick yesterday, and so I went to bed straight after them, at 7.30 p.m. I was so tired. Then, of course, I woke at 4.30 a.m. and do you think I could get back to sleep? Ah, that would be no! Cheers, for the shoutout for my epic goof 🙂

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Yvette – Thanks for sharing your insanely funny story with us! So sorry the boys were sick and you woke up so early. I’m so tired as I’m reading these comments that I thought you only got 3 hours of sleep. My mind subtracted 4:30 from 7:30. Another ding-dong moment in my nutty life. It’s been a long, long day. Three doc appts., one for me and then took daughter to two for her. And Grasshopper gave me a run for my money. It’s been hot, hot, hot here today. Beautiful day. In the shade. With ceiling fans. Honestly, the afternoon was like one never ending hot flash! So nice to be home. I’ve got one minute till 7:30 and I’m ready to shut my eyes for the night!

  10. When I was sixteen, I got a weekend job in a bakery and had to be at work by six a.m. My dad, bless him, used to drive me. (I thought I was so independent but couldn’t have held the job if he didn’t get up before dark to drive me.) One Saturday morning, I must have made enough noise to wake up my younger sister. I stepped out of the bathroom, and there she stood in her school uniform, yawning. I laughed and laughed.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Pat – Wow, that says a lot for a 16-year-old to give up her weekends to sleep in for a job at a bakery. And what a gem your dad was to drive you there so early. And the incident with your sister thinking it was a school day, that’s so funny. I’m still chuckling over it. I’ll save this along with some of the other great comments here. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Lynn! Hmm. I’m trying to think of an incident to share with you. But alas, my brain is on vacation mode. I’m sure that there must’ve been many crazy things that have taken place over the years. Many years, as you well know Lynn. But nothing is jumping out at me. Ah, my silly brain. Great post girlfriend. 🙂

  12. These were hilarious! All week this week I was a day off- though nothing as drastic as these stories. I did something on Tuesday that I normally do on Thursdays and it threw me off!

    I have always had a terrible time waking up in the morning. When I was in high school I looked at my alarm and freaked out because I had to be at the bus stop in 25 minutes. I ran down the hall and jumped in the shower. I got out, got dressed, and started putting on my makeup. I glanced at the clock only to see that it was 12:30 at night! Somehow I had read the clock wrong and I didn’t have to be up for almost 6 hours. I wasn’t sure if I should continue getting ready- or go back to bed. I did realize that I could just go back to sleep (though I slept on top of my covers, fully dressed- I figured I was already ready for school). 😉

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