Is Mr. IRS Reading Your Email?

April 15th, tax day, is behind us. Did you get yours filed? I hope you get a refund, and if you have to pay, I hope it doesn’t sting too much.

My sister Pam emailed me an interesting tidbit about the IRS last week. She always cracks me up with her funny comments. I have to share this one with you:

Hi Lynn,

Just heard, for the 2nd time, that the IRS can legally access anyone’s email account.  All they have to do is access the provider and request info, and they can read all the emails they want.  Did you know that?  Now they’re talking about putting new law into effect that would require the IRS to get a warrant to do what they now do without a warrant.

So I’m wondering what do they get out of reading people’s emails?  Do they get the latest scoop on the new blouses that women are buying or the sales at stores?   Or when someone is ticked off at someone else?  What information about their taxes can they possibly get from an email?  I guess maybe some people’s emails are not as boring as mine, huh?

Today is a stupid, super windy day, very unlike yesterday.  Did you get that, Mr. IRS, it’s freaking windy today.

I went to Home Depot and got my tomato plants, but the wind won’t let me go out there.  Maybe tomorrow.  Got that Mr. IRS? Maybe tomorrow you can plant your tomato plants, too.

Then a day later, she wrote:

I just did an experimental muffin recipe.  Mom told about it, and I said I wanted a copy, so she mailed it to me.  Pumpkin muffins with a cream cheese filling and a cinnamon/sugar struesal on top.  I just ate one and they are super good.  I’m wondering if the IRS might want a copy of it, because it’s pretty unique and not your average muffin.  Let me ask them.

Dear Mr. IRS…if you want a copy of this muffin recipe just shoot me a reply and I will get it out to you.  I am pretty sure that your IRS buds will enjoy it if you make this recipe to share at work.  It makes 2 dozen.  How many of you are there?

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Those muffins sound delish to me!

I replied back to her that I think the IRS should send a dozen muffins to everyone who has to pay more taxes, just for good public relations. Yeah, right!

So, are your emails something the IRS will find amusing, or are they dull and boring like my sister’s and mine?

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16 Responses to Is Mr. IRS Reading Your Email?

  1. I might be investigated for cloning…

  2. Diana Beebe says:

    LOL. I’m pretty sure eyes would glaze over if they were reading mine–all PTA stuff and a bunch of middle-aged women trying to schedule a lunch with friends around all our crazy work schedules. Boring! Your post and your sister are not boring. 🙂

    • Diana – I’m glad you think the post isn’t boring. My sister’s a riot! I have a feeling your emails are probably more amusing than you think. You’re a writer, after all! 🙂

  3. I’d bore them to tears. They’d feel so sorry for me, they would let me have a refund for one year.

    Dumb IRS! (Your sis has good taste in muffins, I might add! YUM!!

    • Robyn – Okay, you’re another one that always cracks me up. They’d feel sorry for you and let you have a refund for one year! LOL!

      And those muffins pack on the calories just reading about them. Maybe I should have added a disclaimer to my post? 🙂

  4. LOL!! Your sister is a riot! Most of the time, my emails are pretty boring…usually for setting up homeschooling co-ops and labs, and the *yawn* details of my day including if I cleaned the bathroom or not if I’m emailing my sister. 😉 Speaking of sister (yours and mine), mine is here for a 3.5 week visit!! I’ve not seen her in a year and miss her so I should get back to hanging out with her now. Hope you’re having a fun weekend!

  5. Mine would only be interesting if Mr. IRS were interested in fiction writing. Although one of my college friend’s emails are pretty darn funny!

    • Jennette, I wouldn’t be surprised is Mr. IRS writes some fiction of his own. I’m sure he gets plenty of great ideas from reading juicy emails!

      You’ll have to save your college friend’s emails since they’re so funny. Some of that stuff is great to use in our stories. As long as we change the identity, of course!

  6. If I were an IRS agent, I’d LOVE the muffin recipe.:) I’d be confused as an agent reading the emails between my sister and me because they are things like, I got Amazon Prime. That’s it. LOL Now if they read our FB messages, that might be more interesting as she often sends me photos of the guys she’s met from online dating!

    • Coleen, I bet Mr. IRS is reading FB messages, too. Does your sister send you photos in a private message or post them on her wall? My son met his wife from one of those online dating services! Hope your sis finds a gem.

  7. How fascinating! I had no idea they could read people’s emails. I guess some emails could be interesting to stumble upon. I am sure they are not amused by some of mine. Sometimes my co-author and I send about 20 emails to each other in one day and many of them are only a word or to (she doesn’t text- so our emails range in size). I be the muffin recipe would be a hit by the IRS.

    • Stephanie – I’m not too great at texting either. I’d rather send an email, but I can get wordy. Texting forces us to keep the messages short and sweet. Good grief, Mr. IRS is probably reading people’s texts, too! Sheesh!

  8. Wow, sounds like a pretty boring job. Can you imagine? I can hardly read through my OWN emails.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Ruth – You’re right, it does sound like a boring job! I never thought about it before, but I can hardly red through my own emails, too! Haha! I bet you they’re skimming – cheaters!

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