Did I Notice Your Book – Blogfest

I noticed Time’s Enemy by Jennette Marie Powell!

What a great idea for a blogfest, the brainchild of Ciara Knight
co-sponsored by Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh

Here’s the deal:

You can choose a book that you’ve read, something you saw on a blog or social media site, Goodreads, or a sales website. Anything that caught your eye because of a great cover, blurb or reviews, but DON’T tell the author that their book has been noticed. Instead, shout out on social media sites, and encourage others to do the same, until the author finds his/her book. 

Here’s my pick:

I’m excited to tell everyone about this awesome Saturn Society time travel series by Jennette Marie Powell. I’m a sucker for time travel stories in the first place, but these books are so well written and it’s clear the author spent a lot of time (no pun intended!) researching the historical settings the main characters travel to. 

These novels are jam packed with tension, suspense, intriguing plots and subplots, and some steamy romance scenes, too! Great page turners. 

After I finished book one, Time’s Enemy, I was super happy to discover the second book in the series had just been released, so I was able to continue following Tony and Vi’s journey. I’m anxiously awaiting the next Saturn series novel because I miss these characters.

Here’s a description of the first book from the author’s website: 

Time-travel Romance – contemporary and early 20th century America
One man against a secret society of time travelers – and the woman he loves.
One unwanted gift. One great wrong. One chance to make things right…
Tony Solomon never wanted to be a time traveler. But when a freak accident gifts him with the ability to travel in time, he becomes an unwilling initiate in a secret society of time travelers. Determined to prevent his daughter’s murder, he violates the Society’s highest law and becomes a fugitive. When the Society refuses to tell Tony how to time-travel within his own life, he seeks help from Charlotte, the woman whose life he saved during a prior trip to the past.
When Tony arrives in 1933 looking for answers, Charlotte is both thrilled and terrified to see her childhood hero. Loyal to the Society, she is honor-bound to bring to justice those who manipulate time for their own gain. In giving him sanctuary, she faces a terrible choice-condemn the man she loves and to whom she owes her life, or deny her deepest convictions by helping him escape and risk sharing his sentence.
Buy Time’s Enemy at Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords and many other online retailers. Print edition available at Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, or by request at your favorite bookseller.

And here’s the second book, another superb read:

Here’s the description from the author’s website:
A past shrouded in mystery
Violet Sinclair remembers nothing of her life before the day she awoke several years earlier, drenched in blood that wasn’t hers. But since she met Tony Solomon, she’s been certain of one thing – sometime in her hidden past, she knew him… loved him… and did something terrible to him.
A present fraught with danger
Time-traveler Tony Solomon is sure he never met Violet before they were coworkers, yet she bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman he loved and lost decades before he was born. After an impulse encounter leaves Violet pregnant with his child, she becomes the target of killers from the future.
A future feared in jeopardy
Framed for murder, Tony will do anything to protect Violet and their child, even if their only escape is to jump into the past, something he swore he’d never do again. But when they jump back much further than planned, they find their troubles are only beginning—and secrets can get them killed.
Buy Time’s Fugitive at Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords  Print edition available at Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, or by request at your favorite bookseller.
These are two of my favorite books. What’s yours? Do you like time travel tales or romance novels? 

If you’d like to check out the other bloggers’ picks,  here’s a list of the blogfest participants and their links:


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42 Responses to Did I Notice Your Book – Blogfest

  1. Old Kitty says:

    Oooh yay time travelling romance novels!!! Take carex

  2. estetik says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Wow! I'm honored, Lynn… thanks so much for the shout out and your kind words! And funny that you "noticed" my books today – my WANA Wednesday post today leads off with a fun kids' book… 🙂

  4. Oh, yay, Jennette, you noticed! I LOVE your books and am so tickled I got to feature them for this blogfest. I just tweeted about it, and I saw your tweet! Thank you so much! That was a nice surprise! Woot!Old Kitty – Your comments always put a smile on my face!

  5. JJ says:

    Lynn: What a fabulous idea!

  6. cleemckenzie says:

    Hey! You did two. Are you a bookAholic or something? I'm technically not here . . . you know, that vacation thing? But had to pop in and see what book you noticed. Found not one, but TWO! :-)BTW check your link on the Linky List. Couldn't pull up your site using it. Might have been me, but something was wonky. Great to visit.

  7. JJ – Yes, I thought it was a great idea! Lee – Thank you for the heads up about my link. No, it's not working. I tried to fix it but it said I'm already registered, so I guess I won't get much traffic. I'm bummed. I wanted lots of peeps to hear about these great books.

  8. Ciara says:

    I haven't read a good time travel book in ages. I'll have to check this one out.

  9. Hope Jennette finds them!And I will go fix your link right now.

  10. Kyra Lennon says:

    I love me some time travel!

  11. Sherry Ellis says:

    Those sound like great books!

  12. Oh, oh, oh, time travel is one of my favorite of all things in a book! I'd never heard of these before, so thanks for the heads up!

  13. Amy Jarecki says:

    How fun, a fugitive time traveler. Sounds like a great read!

  14. Great pick! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hart Johnson says:

    I love time travel, but I am more Doctor Who than romance about it. Those look like pretty good ones, though!

  16. Cathy Keaton says:

    That's great! Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

  17. Oh, my goodness, another TWO books to put on my TBR list! Love your excitement about these books, Lynn. Fabulous testament to the story and to Jennette.

  18. Livia says:

    Time traveling + romance = my cuppa tea! Oh yeah, Time Fugitive is on my TBR list for sure! Thanks for the recommendation!Tbanks for stopping by my blog, too! I appreciate it! :)So nice to meet you, Lynn! *shake hands*

  19. Hi Lynn,Both Time Travel books sound wonderful, thanks for the introduction!Nas

  20. Libby says:

    Isn't it nice when a book you love ends up being a part of a series?

  21. I love it when the series continues.

  22. I like time travel stories too, so I'll have to take a look at this series. Thanks for recommendation.

  23. Cynthia says:

    A secret society of time travelers…intriguing! Saying hello from the blog hop…

  24. They sound good, Lynn. Time travelling. Wouldn't that be kewl!

  25. Tara Tyler says:

    ooo romance and sci fi! great combo!!

  26. Really nice covers. I like the layered look. They do say what the stories are about.

  27. Thanks for sharing. This sounds like a book my wife will be into. I shall pass it on!

  28. michelle says:

    Time travel + romance? Interesting combination. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hi Lynn .. these two stories sound fascinating .. definitely adding Jennette's books to the list ..Thanks – cheers Hilary

  30. I just read a time travel book, which was my first, and – to my surprise – really enjoyed it. I'll try these. Thanks for the recommendation!

  31. C.M.Brown says:

    I love reading book series and time travel is also a good topic.

  32. C.M.Brown says:

    I love reading book series and time travel is also a good topic.

  33. C.M.Brown says:

    I love reading book series and time travel is also a good topic.

  34. C.M.Brown says:

    I love reading book series and time travel is also a good topic.

  35. LynnRush says:

    Those are intense covers!!! 🙂 Happy blog hopping!! 🙂

  36. These books look like a lot of fun, just slightly left of my ally, but close enough for me to give them a try. 🙂

  37. How fun! I wish I had a book out there to get noticed. I have a couple of short stories but they are buried in anthologies so it'll be REALLY hard to single out me. But I know I'm there so that excites me!I'll have to check out Jennette's books.Patricia Rickrodew/a Jansen Schmidt

  38. Oo, I love the color schemes! 🙂

  39. What a great idea for a blogfest! And wow, I don't read romance, but those descriptions were so compelling, I'm very tempted to read the series. :)Right now, though, I'm reading Curse at Zala Manor with my son and having fun with it! Perfect book for this month!

  40. Its great to meet Jeanette. That's what's great about Blogfests is that you meet so many new people. Best wishes to Jeanette!

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