More Ghostly Jokes

Hello trick or treaters! 
Today Funny Bones is the ghostest with the mostest. 
Get your giggle on with a little spooktacular fun.
That wasn’t scary, was it? 
Tune in next Friday for monster laughs with Funny Bones. 
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Do you think ghosts are real or just silly nonsense?
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6 Responses to More Ghostly Jokes

  1. LOL! Cute post, Funny Bones! 🙂

  2. Haunting license – groan!

  3. I'm skeptical, but not 100%. I figure ghosts are like bugs in software: you can't prove their absence, only their presence.

  4. Personally, I doubt ghosts are real. Though there are certainly some strange reported phenomena.

  5. I think they're real, but not spirits. 🙂

  6. Very cute! I do think there is something real about ghosts. There always a little truth to a lie…

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