Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?

I love to laugh and be as nutty as a numb skull. Humor is subjective, and different types of humor appeal to different people. But laughter and its benefits are universal.
Last year on our way to Ghost Walk, a Halloween event, my husband and I stopped by to see our grandbaby, Little Twinkle Eyes. I was dressed as a skeleton, Funny Bones, so I hoped the makeup wouldn’t scare her.
She wasn’t afraid! She recognized my voice and let me hold her, so I told some impromptu Halloween jokes and my son happened to get a video clip. I titled the YouTube video, “Funny Bones and Bootiful Baby.”
ย Need a chuckle? The video is less than a minute long.
Watch it, then share the jokes with others.
Are they silly jokes? Yep, sure are, but they’re still amusing! And everyone needs a laugh.
How do you make a skeleton, laugh?
Tickle her funny bone. Ha-ha!
(Courtesy laughs are much appreciated! Hey, kids love this stuff.)

There’s a lot of info out there about how healthy laughter is for us. You know, how a good belly laugh releases endorphins – chemicals released by the brain which give us a sense of well being.ย Here’s an excellent article titled, “Laughter, the Best Medicine.

Here are some benefits of laughter:

  • Reduces stress
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • It’s good for your heart
  • Can lower high blood pressure
  • It can lessen pain
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps bond relationships
  • Gives us strength to press through difficult times

These are just some of the benefits of laughter. Can you think of any others? Can you remember a time when you laughed your head off and how it helped you? Care to share?

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31 Responses to Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?

  1. I'm surprised she didn't freak out on you. Lol Laughter is the best medicine. I enjoy being around funny people.

  2. I love a good groanworthy joke :-)I'll have to remember a couple of those!

  3. Bish Denham says:

    Fabulous make-up! (And the jokes aren't too bad either.)

  4. Tara Tyler says:

    hilarious!no bones about it!everyone needs to laugh more =)

  5. Old Kitty says:

    Awww your beautiful granddaughter is just lovely!! Great to have a skeleton/zombie grandma!! LOL! Take carex

  6. This was sooo cute! You're such a fun grandma…LOL

  7. rilla jaggia says:

    I can remember plenty of times when you've made me laugh, Lynnie. Miss ya. We need to get together some time. Your grand daughter is a real cutie.

  8. That is just plain adorable! Love your costume!

  9. Kelly Polark says:

    So cute! Your granddaughter is beautiful!I love to laugh. Thanks for the giggles.

  10. What a trooper that baby is! I predict you will make her a Ghost walk veteran. Thanks for the giggles, which we all NEED!

  11. LynNerd says:

    Miranda – I was surprised she didn't freak out, too! Sarah – Haha, I love that term, "groan worthy joke." I'll have to remember that!Bish – Thanks. Glad you like the makeup and the silly jokes!Tara – Haha, "No bones about it," your comment made me laugh! Thanks!Kelly – I'm so glad you got a kick out of the video. Thanks!Old Kitty – Thanks! I think my granddaughter is adorable, of course! Paige – Thanks! One of my goals is to be the best, funnest grandma I can be!Rillie – Yes, you and I have shared some great laughs. I miss you, too, and we're way overdue to get together. I hope to see you soon.J.A. – Thanks so much. You made my day!Tricia – Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my granddaughter will probably grow up with an appreciation for the macabre since her parents like that stuff, too!

  12. I couldn't agree more about being silly and having fun. I am surprised you didn't scare your grand-daughter though, that's a great outfit!

  13. Great costume. That make-up is fabulous! Being silly is the best. We all need to laugh, especially at ourselves, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Patti says:

    There's a reason they say laughter is the best medicine. Great costume btw.

  15. Lydia Kang says:

    Great post!I did a Laughter is the Best Medicine blogfest last spring with these very thoughts in mind. It's so good for you!

  16. MelodyK says:

    Lynn, your grand-daughter will have great time growing up with such cool and fun grandma! She is beautiful!

  17. My 2 Pesos says:

    I haven't laughed in months. D:

  18. unikorna says:

    I laughed once at a movie til I dropped a bit of…pee, and also if somebody tickles me I might need pampers…You are a grandma, really? you look in your thirties…kisses and congrats on your fun blog :).

  19. JJ says:

    Laughter is indeed good for the soul. Nice post.

  20. What a great job you did on the makeup!!I am really amazed that your grandbaby did scream. I wonder how she will react this year.

  21. You look awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you and I could go trick or treating together. Think of how absolutely frightening we could be. I love to laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. M Pax says:

    Your makeup and costume are fantastic. Laughter is the best. Even when life is at its suckiest, I try to find a way to laugh.

  23. blonde1_777 says:

    I always love laughing so hard I can hardly breathe, with tears springing out the corners of my eyes…and sometimes almost peeing my pants! It's hard to catch my breath in these moments and I would imagine that if I passed out and died then that would be the way I'd want to go! Literally laughing my head off!I especially appreciated these laughing jags during my pregnancy and recovery. They just make you feel so good! And thanks to my family and husband I get quite a few of these moments!

  24. debrakristi says:

    I love that Lynn! She is soo cute and you are so sweet with her! You are so right, laughter is great for the heart AND soul. Thanks for the great blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Karen Lange says:

    Oh my, I am surprised that she was okay with you dressed like that. It's nice that she was. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the benefits of laughter; thanks for reminding me!

  26. Laura says:

    I'm blessed by a hilarious other half, so I tend to laugh a lot most days. He just can't stop!Lx

  27. LynNerd says:

    Catherine – Yes, it's amazing that Twinkle Eyes wasn't afraid and how she'd look at me every time I told the punch line!Cheryl – Yes, I agree that laughing at ourselves are sometimes the funniest moments.Patti – Yes, we all need a good dose of laughter each day. Lydia – I bet your post was really good. You should post it again one of these days. Melody – Thank you! I'm going to do my darndest to make the time spent with my grandkids fun and memorable!My 2 Pesos – I'm sorry to hear that you haven't laughed in 2 months. I hope things get better and that you get your spunk back soon. Unikorna – Oh, the pampers is funny! LOL! Yep, I'm in my 30s, plus 20 years! Thx for the sweet comment!JJ – Yes, good for the soul. A good way to put it.My Journey With Candida – Yes, I wonder how she'll react this year. She might laugh and think I'm funny, or she might run and hide!Robyn – Oh, yes, you and I trick or treating together would be a scream! Haha!M Pax – Laughter is so needed when life is at its suckiest. Sometimes when I'm going through rough times, I'll end up dreaming something that's so funny, I laugh hysterically in my sleep. It's like my subconscious knows that I need a good dose of endorphins!Blonde1 – I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I'm so glad our family is such a nutty bunch! XODebra – Aw, thanks!Karen – We were surprised she wasn't scared. I figured she recognized my voice.Laura – That's wonderful that your hubby always makes you laugh. It sure does help make a marriage stronger, doesn't it?

  28. Laughter is like good medicine to the soul. A good Mel Brooks film will work every time.

  29. Gosh this is so great! And you made it last year! What fun… :)Glad you brought it to the party!

  30. tedstrutz says:

    Hey… Susie sent me! Fun post… you are right… need to laugh more and release those endorphins… cutie pie baby!

  31. tedstrutz says:

    p.s… your banner photo makes me laugh with you… such exhuberance!

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