How to Press Flowers – Small Roses

Do you like pressed flowers? It’s easy to press them.

In this video tutorial, I cut fresh flowers from my garden, put them on a sheet of wax paper, fold it over, then put them between the pages of a heavy book. More books are stacked on top to help speed up the process.

I used small roses, which seem to work well as pressed flowers. The petals don’t have much moisture, so they dried out well and retained much of their original color.

Flowers with thick petals don’t work as well, at least for me. I have better luck with small flowers that have thin petals.

These sweet pressed roses will make precious embellishments in the altered art book I plan to make for my youngest daughter and her husband. I’m way behind in getting started on it and their one year anniversary is quickly approaching. Here’s an altered art book I made as a wedding gift for my niece. I used pressed flowers on some of the pages for that book.

Suzee and Brett’s altered art book will be just as special but completely different because each altered art book is as unique as the people I make the books for.

Pressed flowers were used on this page of an altered art book. The pink flowers at the top left and the white flower at the bottom are pressed and coated with Mod Podge.

You can also embellish candles with pressed flowers. Melt clear wax and use a small paint brush to apply a coat of wax over the pressed flower so it will adhere to the candle.

Lynn Kelley, how to press flowers

Getting back to blogging and blogging more frequently is taking up most of my time, plus getting back to writing novels. I have a few works-in-progress that I started years ago, so this is the year to finish them.

Lynn Kelley, how to press flowers

Wish me luck in keeping up with the blogging, writing, spending time with family, and making progress on Suzee’s gift. Time is passing by way too fast.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever pressed flowers? Do you have too many irons in the fire? Is time passing by too fast for you? 

I’d love to hear from you.

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Photo credits: Lynn Kelley, Ramdlon at Pixabay, Wild0ne at Pixabay





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2 Responses to How to Press Flowers – Small Roses

  1. Pambelina says:

    Great tutorial on how to press flowers…it’s good to know how to preserve them especially if you want to frame a special flower/s that you treasure.

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Yes, that’s another cool thing to do with pressed flowers is to frame them. I forgot about that. It’s a great way to preserve treasured flowers from a special occasion. Thanks, Pambelina!!

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