Fairy Wings Make For Magical Moments

Deal of the year: Pair of fairy wings for $1.00!

Photo: Courtesy of Ebeth2 at Pixabay

Being Grammy to five young grandchildren, I enjoy their pretend play.  Last week at the Dollar Tree, I found a nice selection of fairy wings and matching skirts, so I bought three pairs and I took those darling fairy wings to the Kelley family get-together last Saturday. The three granddaughters that were able to come wore their fairy wings for hours.

They flitted all over the great room pretending to fly in their fairy wings, established a make-believe fairy house in the alcove by the back door, and added their Christmas excitement to their fairy world playtime.

I was in Grammy heaven watching them and took videos to preserve these precious moments because having raised four children, the reality of how fast they grow up is a constant reminder to enjoy every moment.

Lynn Kelley, fairy wings

George aka Gramps was sick with pneumonia or bronchitis (still waiting for the results of the chest x-ray), so he stayed home in bed and had to miss the gathering. Good thing I like to take lots of pictures and videos, so he got to see how cute the grandkids were. Everyone missed having George/Gramps there, though.

Lynn Kelley, fairy wings

The other adults and older kids got a big kick out of the little fairies sprinkling fairy dust. Oops, that was glitter! I’m sorry about that, Jim and Linda.

As the girls played in their pretend fairyland, everyone else took turns asking Alexa random questions. This was my first experience with Alexa.

Here’s an example of the fun we had with Alexa:

Lynn Kelley, fairy wings

So, Christmas 2017 is over. Can you believe it?  George was still sick so we watched the movies It’s a Wonderful Life (my favorite) and A Christmas Story (George’s favorite).

While watching the movies, I sipped on apple cider from the moose mug my son and daughter-in-law got me from Wally World! I’m not a big egg-nog drinker anymore.

Lynn Kelley, moose mug

Glass moose mug Classic Edition from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

From the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”

I hadn’t watched It’s a Wonderful Life in years, so it was that much sweeter watching it on Christmas Day. Got me all choked up and made me reflect on each family member and my close friends and how each one has made a difference in my life.

George and I cracked up all through A Christmas Story. Laughter is excellent medicine for when you’re sick. Just what George needed.

So, ’twas a fairy merry Christmas for us. How about you? Did you get together with family? Friends? What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the new year? 

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment if you have time. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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3 Responses to Fairy Wings Make For Magical Moments

  1. Pambelina says:

    Those darling little fairy girls are so precious! You found the buy of a lifetime…and the memories are priceless!
    I watched A Christmas Carol today…forgot what a great movie that is! It doesn’t compete with the two that you mentioned, however.

    • Yes, those fairy wings made for priceless memories. So special. I haven’t watched A Christmas Carol in ages. Yes, that’s a good movie, too. I forgot about that one. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for stopping in to visit, Pambelina!

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