The Gift of Health

Years ago, Dr. William Sears, world-renowned pediatrician and father of eight, was talking with other parents about what they could do to help their children succeed in life.

“A good education” was mentioned, along with money, self-discipline, and other things parents desire for their children. When it was Dr. Sears’ turn, he told them one of the most important things is to “give them the gift of health,” and that “a healthy child is a privileged child who grows up with an emotional, physical, social, and intellectual advantage.”

As a parent and grandparent, I think his comment is profound. As a new health coach certified through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, I’m excited to share the wealth of information I’ve learned about family wellness.

According to Dr. Sears, the three biggest threats to the health of our children are being:

  • Overweight
  • Under fit and
  • Unhappy

Just a week before starting the course to become a health and wellness coach, I had read that info in one of Dr. Sears’ books.

The next day I went to a park with my grandchildren. An overweight boy, maybe ten years old, was there with his mother and little sister.

The mom and I were talking about what a beautiful day it was.

The boy came over and pointed at the mountain-shaped jungle gym made out of rope and complained, “I don’t think I can climb that.”

“Go on and try,” his mother said. “But you should have worn your tennis shoes.” He was wearing flip-flops.

He shook his head and kicked at pieces of bark on the ground. “I hate my life.”

How heartbreaking to hear a child talk that way. “Oh, don’t say that,” I told him.

Dr. Sears was spot on, I thought. I wanted to help that kid, but I wasn’t sure how at the time.

Now that I’m certified, I can offer advice that’s scientifically based and clinically proven.


To celebrate my certification, I’m offering a huge discount for the family wellness online workshop.

The L.E.A.N Start Online Family Wellness Workshop is a self-paced online course geared for individuals and families who are interested in learning the basic principles of good health, lifestyle, and nutrition.

Gift Certificates are available if you would like to give someone you love “the gift of health” this holiday season.

“Research confirms that to effectively impact the health of a child, change needs to begin at home with the parents or caregivers. Based on this fact, Dr. Sears developed the L.E.A.N. approach to wellness which focuses on empowering the adults to make educated Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition choices which can dramatically improve the health of the entire family.

Lifestyle – How we live

Exercise – How we move

Attitude – How we think

Nutrition – How we eat

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Participants will have 90 days to complete six interactive eLearning video segments (approximately 30 minutes each). 

Will it take 90 days to do this workshop? No, not at all. Parents are super busy, so I want to give you plenty of time to absorb all the valuable info you’ll learn. Some people like to review important lessons a few times. Or more.  I sure do. Feel free to view the segments as often as you’d like.


dreamstime_xl_930795_zps3bb99763 (1)


Each video segment comes with:

  • Corresponding worksheets
  • Snack recipes
  • Fun Family Challenge Activities




What you’ll learn:

  • Which ingredients in food can affect behavior, sleep, concentration, and energy level
  • What food manufacturers ARE NOT telling you and don’t want you to know
  • What might be making you and your child sick

Outcomes participants can expect:

  • Practical solutions for parents to help their child
  • Simple and time-saving ideas that make a parent’s life easier
  • Interactive and fun
  • Packed with innovative activities to keep kids moving


Did you know:

  • Many ingredients in the food our kids eat can actually damage brain cells?
  • A significant number of foods marketed as “healthy” have negative effects on your child?
  • Physical activity has a significant impact on children’s sleep and moods?

Start date: Continuous enrollment – start anytime.
(Sign up now by emailing me at

Online L.E.A.N. Start Workshop – Regular Price $60

Celebration Special – $35

This price will be honored through January 10, 2016

Optional: 80-page L.E.A.N. Start Guide Book for  $10
Optional: L.E.A.N. Start Children’s Activity Workbook for $5

Total for workshop, guide book, and children’s activity book – $50

To register yourself or to purchase a Gift Certificate,
email me at:


Coming Soon: Prime-Time Health Online
A Scientifically Proven Plan for Healthy Aging

Cheers to healthy living!

What do you desire for your children to help them succeed in life? I think most parents would agree the gift of health is awesome. What else would you add to that? If you’re not a parent, what would you want for children, in general?

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8 Responses to The Gift of Health

  1. Susie Lindau says:

    Fantastic, Lynn! I can’t keep up with all of your new endeavors. This sounds like such a positive type of work. I bet a book won’t be far behind. Best of luck to you!

  2. Congratulations Lynn! I know how much you were looking forward to this. And you did it! Our health and outlook on life is really at the core of everything we do. It plays such an important part in how we reach our goals and how successful we will be. I am so excited for you! And what a generous offer. What better gift can you give someone than a healthy life? I know how much you love people Lynn. You will be a great life coach. ?

  3. Lynn Kelley says:

    Susie! What a treat to have you here! I can barely keep up with all my endeavors, but this is such an exciting field to get into. Yes, a book is very likely. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Congrats on gaining your certification, and good luck with your course!

  5. What an awesome thing to put together for kids and families. Yes, so many kids are unhealthy these days. They need that!

  6. Thanks, Alex. I can’t take credit for putting the course together. Dr. Sears designed the class, and as one of his certified health coaches, I’m able to offer the class and add my own special touches in addition to the basic class. I’m pretty jazzed that I can help families make necessary changes they want to make but aren’t sure how to go about it.

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