Sizzlin’ Summer Freebies

Mark your calendar for Thursday, August 1st. A few of the Emblazon authors (we write for tweens) have scheduled a promo day together and priced some of our eBooks for FREE.

This is a one-day event, so be sure to grab as many of these titles as you’d like on August 1st. Go here to preview the list of the books that will be free.

Two of my books will be included in this promo:

Curse at Zala Manor, Book 1 in the Monster Moon mystery series, by BBH McChiller (Lynn Kelley, Kathryn Sant, Maria Toth).

Curse at Zala Manor, Monster Moon mysteries, Lynn Kelley, Lynn Kelley Author, BBH McChiller

It’s almost Halloween, and twelve-year-old AJ Zantony’s world is threatened by an ancient curse that releases wicked pirates who had been trapped for centuries in his Aunt Zsofia’s creepy mansion, Zala Manor. The pirates–a vampire count, a pegleg skeleton, and a zombie–have three goals: to find a lost treasure, unleash the restless dead from their graves, and to settle a very old score by destroying the Zantony bloodline.

AJ has to stop them before midnight during Aunt Zsofia’s annual Halloween party. Except he has a big problem–monster phobia! He’s scared to death of monsters. But if he doesn’t act fast, the streets of Craggy Cove will be crawling with zombies. Will AJ overcome his fear and stop the monsters or bail out?

Will Craggy Cove become Zombie Central? Who will be alive when midnight tolls?

The second FREE title is Curse of the Double Digits.

Curse of the Double Digits, Lynn Kelley, Lynn Kelley Author, children's book, humorous book

Becky is sure turning ten on the 10th day of the tenth month will be magical. The whole class is invited to her party, including Chad, the cutest boy in the fifth grade. So is Darlenie-the-Meanie.

Becky wants to look cute for her big day, but all her plans go wrong. Really wrong. The magic of turning ten disappears before she even has a chance to blow out her birthday candles. Things get so bad, she refuses to go to her own party.

Becky wonders if the Curse of the Double Digits will jinx her forever.


This promo is perfectly timed to go with the release of the Audiobook of Curse of the Double Digits, now available on Amazon,, and iTunes.

Please pass the word about the audiobook and FREE eBook available Thursday to any teachers you may know who use audiobooks along with eBooks or paperbacks in their classrooms. Curse of the Double Digits is now available in all three formats.

I’ll post a reminder here again on Thursday, August 1st, so you don’t miss out on these Sizzlin’ Summer Freebies!

Please help us spread the word!

Have you read any sizzling books this summer? If so, what’s the title? What other sizzlin’ stuff have you been up to?

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12 Responses to Sizzlin’ Summer Freebies

  1. Cool deal! I’ll spread the word for you in my post tomorrow.

  2. What a fun couple of books to have for classroom resources! I’ll be sure to help spread the word on Thursday!

  3. Curse of the Double Digits is hilarious! Congrats on tne audio release, and good luck with the promotion!

  4. FBing and Tweeting this, Lynn!

  5. Such a good idea to do an author co-op. I’ve done some group things with my SFR and the support and shared stress is SO nice! Good luck!

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Thanks, Pauline. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, and they’re a great group of writers and everyone shares their ideas and knowledge. “Shared stress” is a great way to put it!

  6. Diana Beebe says:

    How exciting, Lynn! I’ll spread the word. 🙂

  7. Lynn Kelley says:

    Thank you, Diana. You rock!

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