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Some kids get in trouble if they utter the dreaded ‘S’ word. Parents, you know what I’m talking about, and big, bad me, I’m going to say it right here in this post, so if your kids are looking over your shoulder, you might want to shoo them away. Here goes, the shocking, scandalous ‘S’ word – ‘Shut up!’ (Hey, that’s actually two words.)

Rene Reiner is one of many parents who designated the ‘S’ word as off limits. In the wee hours one morning while doing paper work, she was startled by the loud voice of her 18-year-old son, J.R., telling her nine-year-old son, “Shut up, Charlton!”

It took Rene a moment before she realized that J.R. was in another state and that Charlton had been asleep for hours. Then once more she heard it, “Shut up, Charlton!” This time she pegged the speaker as their pet parrot.

When J.R. returned home, she asked him why he’d been telling his brother to shut up.

“I didn’t,” he said.

“Then why does the parrot say ‘shut up, Charlton’ in your voice?”

J.R. turned red, then fessed up, “I’ve only done it a couple times.”

Photo byJessie Harrell via WANA Commons

I’ve heard other stories of parrots repeating things they weren’t taught to say, like one family that spent hours trying to teach their new parrot cute phrases, but it wouldn’t say anything. Then one day the parrot started talking, but instead of the cutsie phrases they were teaching it, it said, “Get out of my room!” Then later, “I didn’t do it.”

Photo by Dana Ross Martin via WANA Commons
This is not the cockatoo mentioned below.

The parrots repeated some not-so-nice things, but that’s nothing compared to a white cockatoo I heard about. Yes, this is a true story. Imagine buying such a beautiful bird and wondering why anyone would want to sell their gorgeous pet. Now picture the new owners’ shocked expressions when the cockatoo yelled, “Shut the ‘F’ing door!” Oh, my, my, my.  What a predictament!

Do you have certain words or phrases that your kids are forbidden to say? 
Have you ever owned a talking bird that said things you didn’t like?
Do you have a parenting or grandparenting memory
or another story you’d like to share? 
If you’re not a parent, memories from your own childhood count, too. 

Warning: I might feature your story in a future post. 
(Names can be changed to protect the guilty!)

I’d like to thank all those who have shared their stories. 
These posts wouldn’t be the same without your input.

If you don’t want to leave a comment but would rather contact me by email, 
here’s my address: lynkelwoohoo at yahoo dot com.

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11 Responses to Little Mimics – Parenting Plights & Delights

  1. LOL I can't imagine having a talking bird – it would be the most foul-mouthed one ever, being around my former bar-owner, former mechanic husband! Amazingly, our daughter picked up pretty early what wasn't appropriate to say, and is an only child, so "shut up" didn't come out very often.

  2. That's hilarious! Busted by a bird.

  3. Old Kitty says:

    The bird is innocent!! Take carex

  4. Jennette – No sibling rivalry with an only child. And if you had a parrot or cockatoo, I'm sure it would repeat all your hubby's colorful language! Alex – Yes, I thought that was pretty funny, too, that he got busted by the parrot!Old Kitty – Yep, the bird is innocent. It just repeats what it hears, and I don't think there's a way to 'unring the bell' once a bird learns a phrase!

  5. I had a friend who was married to a police officer named Roger. We were over for dinner one night. Every time they left the room, their cockatoo would say, "Roger is a cop" real fast like this "rogerisacop!"They didn't believe us when we repeated what the bird said. Don't know which of their wise-guy friends or relatives had taught the bird to say that. Their daughter was still a baby at the time so she was innocent.

  6. That's amazing! How do they know what words to focus on? Clever, clever birds. Worth having one of those mirrors around, I'd say.

  7. We always had parakeets. They could be loud, but never used their words. 🙂 One however, always found its way out of the cage and would land on my sister's head while she sat at the dinner table!

  8. nutschell says:

    haha! Talking birds can be tricky. Love this post!

  9. I worked in the bird department of a zoo. None of our parrots cursed, but one could imitate a trucker on a CB radio, static and all. It was awesome.It's a very good thing we have no parrots in my house. My choice of words when I get frustrated is beyond horrible. When my kids were small, they used to say things slightly off, like 'lellow' for yellow. They'd tell each other to 'Shut Down!' which I actually liked. It makes more sense, if you think about it!

  10. Kassandra – That's such a funny story, that the people didn't believe you! LOL!Alarna – I know, talking birds are amazing creatures!Coleen – Isn't that something that one of your parakeets always flew to your sister's head? I wonder if she was its favorite or what?Nutschell – Yes, tricky birds! I bet there's a ton of funny bird stories out there!Tamara – The parrot imitating a guy talking on a CB radio is a riot! That's got to be part of someone's story! I love those kinds of details! Haha! And your kids saying "Shut down," how cool. That does make a lot more sense and doesn't sound so bad!

  11. Nas says:

    Lol! How would they know? I guess they just repeat what they hear!Take care!

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