Baby Escape Artists

How young is too young to challenge a baby’s problem-solving skills?

At seven and a half months, Punkin is off to a great start.

 I probably shouldn’t encourage him to escape. He’s already trying to climb out of the playpen yard, inching higher and higher with each new day. He challenges himself.

Some babies are happy to stay put, but others, no way.

They are our future explorers, inventors, athletes, innovators.

This baby’s parents couldn’t figure out how he was getting out of his crib, especially with the mattress as low as it could go,so his dad put a video camera on the dresser.

This is only 50 seconds. I guarantee his skills and perseverance will blow your mind.

What will he grow up to be? He’s definitely going places!

Even if your baby’s not a climber, they have other methods of outsmarting their parents.

Baby Gate Escape Artist – 21 seconds long.

 Parents must be on their toes 24/7.

What Baby couldn’t conquer a day ago, an hour ago, a minute ago,

he/she succeeds when you least expect it.

Be prepared!

Believe me, I know. My husband and I have raised four little monsters (term of endearment).

Now we’re enjoying our grandchildren. It’s even harder to keep up at our age. Who needs a workout at the gym?

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10 Responses to Baby Escape Artists

  1. I will never forget the day my son was able to climb out of his crib. He was 20 months old. We'd just had a couple of children a year older than him over the previous day, and they were in and out of his crib. I think he took notes.I put him in for a nap, and went in the living room. A minute later, from the hallway, I heard, "Hellloooo." It was the proudest hello I'd ever heard. And when he reached the living room, he had a face to match it.After that, nap time was never the same.

  2. Old Kitty says:

    Oh my stars! These babies! My heart leapt when baby no.2 fell back into his crib – but bless his little soul he started again – must get that bottle! LOL!What brilliant babies! Yay! Take carex

  3. Clare says:

    Oh my god, these videos are too funny!With a two year old and a nine year old, I'm very experienced with baby escapes!

  4. Tracy Jo says:

    Those videos are hilarious! How about that acrobat flip in the second one? Lol! My girlfriend's little boy is just like that…always on the move. Hope your having a great Monday!

  5. The kid in the second one must be strong!

  6. I saw that video and never had a kid like that. Good thing I stopped at two. My third could have been a real curtain climber!

  7. So cute. We had one of those mesh covers for our son's cribm, because he figured out how to jump out way too young! i think the crib cover we had was invented to keep cats out of the crib or something like that, but it kept our son in! 🙂

  8. Ammazing videos and brilliant babies. Mum says I fell from the baby capsule the day I was discharged from the hospital. An older aunt was carrying the capsule. Amazingly-no harm!Riya

  9. My baby turned 16 this year. Three and a half years ago we moved from a city to a rural state. We were driving along one day and she noticed the deer crossing signs on the side of the road. Quite innocently she asked me how the deer knew to cross there.

  10. Thank you all for your comments. I think all parents can relate to these or similar circumstances. Kids not only say the darnedest things, but do the darnedest things, too. Never a dull moment in parenthood!

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