Riding an Electric Skateboard – Coolest Grammy on the Block!

Would you ride an electric skateboard, or have you?

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller, Grammy Gets It

A couple of weeks ago, my nephew brought his home-built electric skateboard to a family get-together. You hold a remote control to make it go or to brake. This one works with an index finger trigger.

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller, Grammy Gets It

Apparently I’m a goofy footer. Makes sense considering I’m an A-1 goofball. Actually, the term “goofy foot” means you lead with your right foot and your left foot is in the back near the tail of the board. Regular stance is when you lead with your left foot.

Yes, I know I’m a bit extreme with bending the knees. Seems to help me balance better.

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller, Grammy Gets It

This was an amazing feat for me since my balance isn’t the greatest, due to low-grade vertigo. I can’t even play Ring Around the Rosie with the grandkids anymore because I get too dizzy, but riding an e-board required no spinning.

Malfunction? Say What?

Must have been my lucky day because the brakes worked! Nephew’s girlfriend rode the board last. She rides fast and went all the way down the hill, and apparently the remote control malfunctioned because the brakes wouldn’t work as she neared an intersection.

Smart girl that she is, rather than risk facing a possible oncoming car, she bailed. Took a good tumble, scratching up both knees, and bruising her hipbone, but she’s athletic and used to minor injuries. I guess her ribs were tender, too, but thank God she was fine.

Lynn Kelley, BBH McChiller, Grammy Gets It

I can thank my lucky stars the remote worked when I took my turn. Face plant on asphalt? Ouch! Would I ever ride an electric skateboard again? Not likely, unless I lose my mind.

I can relive the thrill anytime I want by watching the one-minute video:

Here’s  a link that explains more about this little “people mover.”

The history blows my mind. The article states, “Back in 1975 the first motor based board ‘electric skateboard’ was actually non-electric!” Check out the picture in that link. Pretty funny. It has a gas motor rigged to the back of the skateboard, with a cable and remote attached to it.

Who Woulda Thunk?

I never would have guessed they had something like that back then. I graduated high school in ’74. However, electric skateboards didn’t take off until the late 1990’s “when Louie Finkle introduced the world to a new type of skateboard which was the new wireless form of electric skateboards.”

Very interesting. I’m still waiting for hover boards like the ones in Back to the Future, not the kind that catch fire and blow up, but that’s a whole other blog post.

What are your thoughts? Are you familiar with electric skateboards? Would you give it a shot? What’s the latest daring activity you took part in? I’d love to hear from you.

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8 Responses to Riding an Electric Skateboard – Coolest Grammy on the Block!

  1. Pam says:

    Good for you, Lynn! Wow, I’m impressed that you even tried it, and stayed upright!!!

  2. Never tried an electric skateboard, but it looks like fun! You are definitely the coolest Grammy in town!

  3. You were pretty good on that thing. Although isn’t the point exercise which you don’t get as much of if you’re not powering it yourself?

    • Thanks, Alex! You’re right about not much exercise on an electric skateboard, unless it malfunctions and you have to carry that heavy sucker a long way! It’s a good mode of transportation for young folks.

  4. Doug says:

    Hmm, very brave and interesting but puzzling. I looked up the 60th Annual Grammy Awards but I didn’t see your name nor a category for electric skateboards — there just seemed to be a lot of music, but I did see a song, “The Flight of the Electric Skateboard Away from the Bumblebee”by Lynn Sky Korsakov. I assume that’s your pen name. I imagine it must be very difficult to play a violin while riding a skateboard. I think you should have won the Grammy award with such a classic cover. I suppose they’re biased in favor of rock music.

    • Thanks for the grins and giggles, Doug, and for stopping by. No, Lynn Sky Korsakov is not my pen name. My pen name is Lynn Kelley or as a co-author, BBH McChiller. I imagine playing a violin while riding a skateboard is extremely difficult. Lynn Sky Korsakov surely should win the Grammy award. LOL! I will have to look for her cover.

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