The Taste of Poverty – A Poem

April is National Poetry Month, and I can’t believe how fast this month is going by. Today’s post is about hunger and poverty. I hope it speaks to you.

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It, The Taste of Poverty - a poem

The Taste of Poverty

Have you heard
the peaceful sound
of boiling cabbage?
she asks.

In the silence of the night,
its gurgling rhythm,
hissing and steaming,
resonates with echoes
from the past.

Its incense rises from
deep within her soul.
Gentle spirit recalls
heartache deep-rooted
in the poverty of her youth.
Tears reveal her pain.

Ah, the wonderful smell
of boiling cabbage.
She smiles.

Memories simmer within:
A thin child with dark curls
rises from her bed
to sit by the stove,
lulled by the music
of the rolling boil
and its pungent aroma.

Longings, longings, longings
of a hungry child
never full.
She sighs.

Mama cooked cabbage
for Papa’s lunch,
barely enough for him
Not even a taste
for the silent child.
Quiet souls
do not complain.

Now, she may
taste the cabbage
anytime she wants
as the past surfaces
to stir her heart’s desires.

of boiling cabbage
permeate her being,
its pulsing tempo, soothing
like Mama’s lullaby.

Feast, oh daughter.
Fill the hungers
of your heart.

~Lynn Kelley

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What are your thoughts? Have you ever smelled boiling cabbage? Have you ever suffered from hunger? I’d love to hear from you!

Image: Hansbenn – Pixabay



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5 Responses to The Taste of Poverty – A Poem

  1. This my favorite poem of yours, so far! I love it, Lynn. 🙂

  2. Pambelina says:

    Nice poem Lynn…very deep. Makes me feel quite humble, and very blessed at the same time.

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