Defeat and Hope – A Poem

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It, poem about Defeat and Hope


Dark crows of worries
nest in my soul
Their jagged beaks
peck at my thoughts
Their heavy wings
overshadow my imagination
The worms they feed upon
burrow deeper and deeper
into the soil of angst and fear
and fill me with the fatigue of defeat

Then I remember the Lord’s promise:
His gift of hope shall never abandon me.

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It, Defeat and Hope - A Poem

I see promise in the bright leaves of autumn,
in the fine, crisp lines of mountains
set against a fresh blue sky,
robins splashing in puddles after a rainfall,
in a baby’s chatter,
the curious eyes of a toddler,
and the smile of a stranger

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It, Defeat and Hope - a poem

Fresh winds of hope
blow through my spirit,
scattering the black crows
to faraway lands.

Lynn Kelley, Grammy Gets It, Defeat and Hope - a poem

Peace fills my cup with inspiration
I can taste the sweetness of life once more.

~Lynn Kelley

The Daily Post one-word prompt is “inchoate.” Are you familiar with this word? It’s an adjective and it means “not yet complete” or “not perfected.”

Do you think this poem describes an inchoate spirit or being?

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What are your thoughts? Can you relate to these feelings? Do the dark times in your life make you appreciate brighter days? Would you like to share a time you felt this way and how you dealt with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Images: Courtesy of Pixabay – Alexas Fotos,  Myriams Fotos, jplenio, DanielReche

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11 Responses to Defeat and Hope – A Poem

  1. Maria Toth says:

    BEAUTIFUL poem. Lynn!!! 😇

  2. Pambelina says:

    Yes, I think it describes not perfected…such a sad feeling, but thankfully the hope of The Lord washed that away! Now I know why I don’t like crows :/

    • I, too, think it describes an inchoate being, one who let the dark side of life dwell in her, but only for a while. Crows do get a bad rap, eh? 🙂 Thanks for your opinion, Pambelina!

  3. So glad you posted this, Lynn. It’s great! I love the photos, too.

  4. Julie Glover says:

    Wow, this really touched me.

  5. I am inchoate! Love that word and your poem. Beautifully written Lynn. You are a very talented lady. And it shows through your heartfelt poem. So glad you share this on FB cause I am subscribed to your post but I am not receiving it in my ebox. What is up with that I wonder? Hope you and the family are well. ((Hugs)) 🙂

    • I’m inchoate, too, Karen! I learned a new word! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and glad you found it on FB. I wonder why the email subscriptions aren’t going through to everyone. You’re not the only one who’s told me that. The family is doing well. I hope yours is, too. XO

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