Favorite Vintage Childhood Toys – Part 5 – Beanie & Cecil Puppets, Brooke Shields Doll and BB Guns

Welcome to Part 5 of Favorite Childhood Toys.

Lynn Kelley, favorite childhood toys

Photo courtesy of louda2455 @ Pixabay

Each part in this series has featured favorite childhood toys of my family members. So far this trip down Memory Lane has been sweet and fun, despite some disappointments and mishaps along the way.

 To start from the beginning, go to Part 1 – Rebel on a Pink Scooter.

There’s also a post with favorite childhood toys of my readers, which you can read here.

Today we’ll cover my sister Pam and her family.

Pam – Born 1958: “My favorite toy must have been the Cecil puppet from Beanie & Cecil. ‘I’m coming, Beanie Boy!’ Oh, how I loved that cartoon. It frustrated me, though, that Cecil never came out of the water.

“Then I get the puppet that I asked for, and the puppet had half of him cut off, to put your arm through. So I didn’t get to see the other half then either. I’ll always wonder what he looked like under the water.”

Seems a lot of children are disappointed in one way or another. Either not getting the toy they desired, getting the one they wanted but it got broken right away, or even worse, someone else broke it. In Pam’s case, it would be an unsolved mystery that might never be solved. And now that mystery is kind of bugging me, too.

Dave (Pam’s husband) – Born 1955:  A BB gun and bow and arrows.

Lynn Kelley, Favorite childhood toys

Photo: Courtesy of RUINS @ Pixabay

Corey – Born 1981: “Super Mario Brothers 2 for the Nintendo was my favorite Christmas present toy. It was stolen from us by a kid we used to play T-ball with.”

There you go, another disappointing story. Having it stolen by someone you know, yet not being able to get it back, ouch! No fair.

Carissa (Corey’s wife): “My Little Pony because I used to pretend like I was a horse when I was in kindergarten or first grade.”

Casey – Born 1983: “Hands down favorite (still use it occasionally to this day) Crosman Airguns Pumpmaster BB gun and a whole lot of BBs. We’d put these bad boys to work on lawn furniture, cavemen/dinosaur toys, houses, paper targets, you name it. And I didn’t even shoot my eye out.”

Shannon (Casey’s wife): “A Brooke Shields version Barbie doll that my dad bought for me.”

Cammy – Born 1987:  “My favorite gift EVER was the Barbie house that Mom and Dave handmade for me. It was two stories, had hardwood floor and carpet, drapes, real wooden doors, paint, a shingled roof, and a balcony. Not to mention a handmade bed for my Barbie. I loved that house so much, I will never forget it. And the best part was that it was handmade just for me. Those are the best gifts.”

I love homemade gifts, too!

Lynn Kelley, favorite childhood toys

Photo courtesy of Myriams-Fotos @ Pixabay

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy taking strolls down Memory Lane? Did any of these vintage toys trigger some memories from your own childhood? I’d love to hear from you.

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4 Responses to Favorite Vintage Childhood Toys – Part 5 – Beanie & Cecil Puppets, Brooke Shields Doll and BB Guns

  1. Yvette Carol says:

    I can clearly remember the overwhelming joy I felt when I ordered and finally received my very own Basil Brush teddy! LOL. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Basil but he was a fox handheld puppet sort of character who used to have his own television show. His catch phrase was to end sentences with, ‘Boom, boom!’ Good memories. 🙂

    • No, I’m not familiar with Basil Brush teddy, but I love the catch phrase of “Boom, boom!” That’s something I’d remember. Your excitement comes through in your comment, and I got a big kick out of it. I’ll be sure to feature Basil Brush teddy in a future post on favorite childhood toys. Thanks for sharing, Yvette!

  2. Pambelina says:

    Now that I’m almost 60, I think I have figured out that Cecil was just a water snake…so I’m pretty sure I know what the other half looks like now.
    Took me long enough to figure it out.

    • Hahaha! I think we’re better off not knowing what the other half of Cecil looks like! I thought he was a sea serpent, and if so, he might have a zig zag or a curly-que at the end of his tail, so who knows? It’s another mystery we’ll never be able to solve! Haha! Thanks for sharing about Cecil. Beanie & Cecil was a cute cartoon!

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