Collectibles Sale – Vintage Talking Pee Wee Herman Doll, Blue Sky Collectibles and More!

Lynn Kelley, stuff for sale

Collectibles for sale – Blue Sky clayworks tea light holder

We have a lot of collectibles and it’s time to sell some. The medical bills are crawling out of the woodwork mounting. A yard sale won’t cut it for collectibles, and I’ve been going back and forth between selling on eBay (a lot of the collectibles are breakables so the thought of mailing them makes me cringe) and Craigslist.

Then there’s the Buy, Sell, Trade groups, which I haven’t tried yet. I guess there are phone apps for selling stuff, too, but I’m too overwhelmed to try a new app. Open an Etsy shop? Perhaps. Better yet, a WordPress plug-in which would allow me to add a boutique to my website might be the best bet, but since I’m flying by the seat of my pants right now, I’ll have to check into plug-ins later.

For now, I’ll  start with a blog post. Why not? I can actually sell stuff on my own website. How cool is that? It’s self-hosted, so yay! Thank you, Jay at TechSurgeons. I highly recommend TechSurgeons if you’re thinking of getting a self-hosted site. They offer other tech support, too.

Photo: Courtesy of Geralt at Pixabay

While I’m at it, I’d like to thank Kristen Lamb, social media guru for writers and owner of W.A.N.A. International, because she recommended Jay and she offers brilliant advice for writers. If you aren’t following her blog, you’ve been missing out, so here’s her link. She also offers awesome classes for writers, and be sure to check out her archives if you love hidden treasures

Photo courtesy of Pezibear at Pixabay

Where was I? My schtuff. I must part with it. We have way too much. I still need to go through the china hutch and take photos and videos of my collection of cups and saucers and other goodies, but it won’t be before Christmas because we’re running out of time.

Picture courtesy of Fotomek at Pixabay

Below is a video of my vintage talking Pee Wee Herman doll. He still talks. The prices I’ve found online for him go up to $249. A bit high, huh?

I think $100 plus postage is a fair price. What do you think? I actually have two Pee Wee dolls, but my oldest daughter is claiming one.

The only Pee Wee’s Playhouse poseable figure we saved is the King of Cartoons, so below is a video is you like Pee Wee’s Playhouse collectibles:

Lynn Kelley, collectibles

Vintage Pee Wee’s Playhouse King of Cartoons – Unopened

King of Cartoons price $15.00 plus shipping

Then there’s the President Clinton Draft Evader doll, which is actually a gag gift. The doll is in excellent condition, but the box, eh, not so much. Here’s a video in case you’re interested:

The President Clinton doll can also be hung from a doorknob by his hands. Price: $50 with free shipping. 

Clown lovers, especially Emmett Kelly clown lovers, you might want to check these out. Unfortunately, the autographed Ready, Set, Go and Kittens for Sale pieces are no longer available, but the other pieces are:

Emmett Kelly fire fighter figurine (shown in video) Price: $50 plus $15 shipping.

Lynn Kelley, clown for sale

Emmett Kelly clown

Emmett Kelly clown (pictured above) $50 plus $15 shipping

Have you heard of Blue Sky clayworks collectibles? Man, I LOVE these. I decided to keep the one with the yellow-flowered roof because I’m going to design a fairy garden and it would make a perfect center piece. Since my two-year-old granddaughter is afraid of fairies, I hope she outgrows her fear by the time I get around to making it.

Here’s a video showing the Blue Sky pieces:

Interested in any of these Blue Sky clayworks tea light collectibles? Make an offer. Note: I do not have any of the boxes.

Lynn Kelley, Blue Sky collectibles

Blue Sky clay works collectibles for sale


Set of four American Women of Arts and Letters – $80 – free shipping

Lynn Kelley, figurines

American Women of Arts and Letters Collectibles. Mary Pickford, Grandma Moses, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Pocahontas figurines.

Here are some other items I haven’t had time to do a video about:

Le Cirque 10 1/2 inch clown clock

Clown clock – $40 plus shipping

Back of clown clock

The Performance collector plate

Like this collector’s plate? Make an offer!

Back of clown collector plate

Sun Dancer collector plate

Interested in this piece? Make an offer!

Back of plate

Pay through PayPal.

If you saw something you’re interested in, you can email me at contact at Please type BLOG SALE in the subject line so it’s easy to spot.

I’ll answer any questions in the comment section.

Any tips to help a newbie figure out what I’m doing? I’m all ears and very thankful for your advice.

Photo: Courtesy ArtPyle at Pixabay

Even if you’re not in the market for buying anything, I hope you enjoyed browsing my stuff. I think it’s interesting to learn what kind of things people collect.

Have you sold collectibles? How did you go about selling them? Do you find it hard to part with some of your favorite stuff? Do you collect things? What kind of collections do you have?

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