Pirate Jokes

Halloween is right around the corner. 
Months ago I made some YouTube videos 
featuring fun jokes for kids 
 told by yours truly dressed as Funny Bones. 
Funny Bones is wearing her eye patch today. 
She be pullin’ bones out of her Bag’O’Jokes 
and reading ’em to ye, me hearties! ARR!
Here ye go, mates. Enjoy!
Be sure to share yer favorite pirate jokes with yer friends.
Which one did you like the best? 
Do you have a pirate joke you’d like to share? 

Tune in next Friday when Funny Bones brings more jokes.
Fair winds ahead, scallywags! ARR!
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9 Responses to Pirate Jokes

  1. I'm just impressed with the whole set up…Those were corny! I'd have to pick the phone one as my favorite.

  2. Aaarrrgh! Facepalm! Where were you on Talk Like a Pirate Day? LOL

  3. JJ says:

    Lynn: You're right. You are weird, and we love it.Why can't you take a picture of a pirate with a wooden leg?Because a wooden leg doesn't take pictures!

  4. I love these jokes Lynn! You should have a show on TV!Hey! I am coming to LA soon. Email me at susielindau@gmail.com

  5. debrakristi says:

    Haha! That had to take forever to put together. I may have to share that with my kid. You're a hoot!

  6. Talk Like a Pirate Day is MY fav holiday! Those are too funny. I like them all! Hilarious woman! It took me an hour to get into my blog so I could schedule posts for the coming week. Then I'll have to do it again next weekend. *sigh* But I have been moseying around, commenting like crazy. Mwah to Funny Bones. <3

  7. Nas says:

    Loved these jokes, Lyn! And all the work to set this up? Fantastic!

  8. Kelly Polark says:

    My daughter just picked out a pirate costume today, so I will be using those with her. Especially number one she'll love!I love your video! What video program do you use? So fun!

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