Trio of Haunting Tales

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Trio of Haunting Tales, Lynn Kelley, Lynn Kelley Author, children's eBook, Scary stories

Trio of Haunting Tales offers three short stories for kids age 8 and up who love spine-tingling fiction. Great for reading aloud at ghost-story gatherings, such as sleepovers, around a campfire, in the classroom, or at home for a night of spooky, family fun.

Cyclops Clyde, a freaky computer monster, wreaks havoc both on and off-screen, taunting and paralyzing his victim.

In Night of the Howling Werewolf, Eric Lung searches out the bullies who jumped his best friend, Ben, and stole his bike. Things get weird on Slaughter Hill, the bullies’ favorite hangout.

Ghost Warrior kicks the fright factor up and will creep out even the bravest of souls. Connie worked overtime and now worries that she’ll be punished with extra push ups for being late to karate class, but push ups become the least of her problems when rival ghost gangs that haunt the parking structure claim first dibs on this mortal prey.

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Here’s a book teaser for Trio of Haunting Tales:

Listen to Cyclops Clyde, first story in Trio of Haunting Tales 

Told by Ma Cob

Book Review for Trio of Haunting Tales:

Lynn Kelley’s well-written tales mix horror with bits of humor.
The first story ends with a word no victim wants to hear. The second shows that being a werewolf can sometimes be a good thing. In the third, a sword-weilding spirit routes ghostly thugs. Lynn takes her readers on three exciting rides. Her language crackles. So do her plots.       ~The Sleeve

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