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Altered Art Book Wedding Gift – Photo Essay

Working on this craft helped take my mind off worrying about George while he was going through chemo and dealing with cancer and all the issues that go along with it. I played music, too. I highly recommend art therapy … Continue reading

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Altered Art Book For My Aunt Val

This is a small altered art scrapbook I made for my Aunt Val for her birthday a few years ago. Materials/medium:  Small children’s board book (about 4″ x 6″), scrapbook paper, ribbon, pressed flowers, tiny seashells, photographs, scrapbook accessories, acrylic … Continue reading

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My First Altered Art Book

My first altered art book was pretty simple. If I had known about adding pockets to tuck photos and keepsakes into, I would have added some, but I didn’t know about them then. I started with an old children’s board … Continue reading

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Altered Art Book Wedding Gift

In a post on December 7, 2011, I shared an altered art book I made one year for my parents’ Christmas gift. You can read about it here. I then posted about a photo box that I decorated with altered … Continue reading

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Altered Art Scrapbook For a Little Girl

Altered art scrapbook for a little girl. Mixed media. Front cover. Scrapbooking paper, sticker embellishments, text printed on parchment paper with torn edges, scraps from magazines, doll shirt from dollar store. A triangle-shaped pocket in the corner holds special photos. … Continue reading

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Homemade Gifts – Altered Art Scrapbooking

Do you love to give homemade gifts from the heart? Here’s one of my favorite crafts, a form of scrapbooking, but you can mix & match different mediums, from braided ribbon, fabric, a pocket from an old pair of jeans, paint, … Continue reading

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Retro Jewelry Haul – Part 2 – Carved Animals and Wood Pieces

Do you like animal or wood jewelry pieces? This is Part 2 of my Retro Jewelry Haul from an Estate Sale. These pieces have wood beads or animals, although some are imposters and are actually made of plastic. If you … Continue reading

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Preventing Alzheimer’s Part 1 – Health and Wellness Wednesday

Recent studies show Alzheimer’s disease may soon outpace heart disease. Do you find that information as alarming as I do? Has Alzheimer’s or dementia affected someone you know? A Recent Study on Preventing Alzheimer’s Presently, there’s no known cure. However, a recent study … Continue reading

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Favorite Childhood Toys – Part 4 – Pound Puppies, Ninja Turtles Van, and K’Nex

  For Christmas 2009, I made an altered art book for my mom and dad, and inside one of the pockets is a list of family members’ favorite vintage childhood toys.  You can check out that blog post here to see … Continue reading

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Homemade Gift – Decorated Box – Altered Art Box – Art Therapy

A decorated box is an easy and economical gift. I like to call it altered art, but it’s basically fancy scrapbooking. This is another homemade gift idea if you’re looking for something to make from the heart. This is a … Continue reading

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