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Mighty Thor Wants Beer From One-Year-Old  Related Post – Mighty Thor Visits One-Year-Old Boy

Baby’s ET Voice 

Weird, Wild & Random

Boogie X-Ray Skeleton 

Psychedelic Baby Uses His Head as a Drum 

Lost in Cyberspace  Related Post – Lost in Cyberspace

Ghost Shadow Fun 

Happy Dance 

Skeleton Walks Pet Brain  Related Post – Skeleton Walks Pet Brain – Promoting Literacy

Dancing X-Ray Skeleton  Related Post – Dancing X-Ray Skeleton

 Robot Boy 

Funny Bones Jokes For Kids

Funny Bones Jokes & Bootiful Baby  Related Post – Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?

Pirate Jokes For Kids  Related Post – Pirate Jokes

Ghost Jokes For Kids  Related Post – Ghost Jokes With Funny Bones

More Ghostly Jokes For Kids  Related Post – More Ghostly Jokes

Numbskull Jokes For Kids 

Monster Jokes For Kids  Related Post – Monster Jokes For Kids

Spooky Jokes For Kids 


Book/Writing Related

Spooky Character Cliche  Related Post – Is Your Character Cliche?

Hair Daze  Related Post – Suffer For the Sake of Research

Haunting Tales – Book Teaser  Related Post – Book Teaser for Trio of Haunting Tales

Zombie Loo – Outtakes  Related Post – Outtakes of My Attempt at a Book Teaser

Cyclops Clyde – Creepy Story  Related Posts – Here and Here

Cyclops Clyde – Excerpts Outtakes  Related Post – Ma Cob – Creepiest Storyteller in Cyberspace

Monster Moon – Secret of Haunted Bog  Related Post – I Designed Two Book Trailers

Secret of Haunted Bog  Related Post – I Designed Two Book Trailers

Stephanie Jefferson Explains Making Leather Breastplate

Related Post – The Making of a Leather Breastplate

 Maria Cisneros Toth at Writers Meeting

Family Fun

Baby Feeds Giant Dog 

Baby’s Fast Forward Fork Fun With Mashed Potatoes

Toddler’s Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Knee Grooves

Baby’s Creative Eating 

Baby Escape Artist  Related Post – Baby Escape Artists

Still Together After Eloping 60 Years Ago! Happy Dance!  Related Post – 60 Years After Eloping – Parenting Plights & Delights

Funny Cell Phone Sounds 

Volume Control – Future American Idol Material 

Darn Stinker! Misbehaving Baby! 

Baby’s Macaroni Mania Part One 

Baby’s Macaroni Mania Part Two 

Baby’s Macaroni Mania Part Three 

A Toddler, a Dog, and a Red Balloon 

Baby’s First Bath – In the Hospital  Related Post – It’s a Girl – Parenting Plights & Delights

It’s a Wonderful Day to be Born  Related Post – Grammy Heaven – Parenting Plights & Delights

Snazzy Pink Sunglasses 

Challenge Grammy Day 

Dance With Me, Grammy 

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