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Dog Days of Summer

Where does the term “Dog days of summer” come from? Ages ago when the constellations were named by Europeans, the ‘dog star’ Sirius rose and set with the sun in the summertime. It’s the brightest star of the Canis Major … Continue reading

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Mystery Ticking Case Solved?

Do Eerie Sounds Keep You Awake at Night? In my last post, Mystery of the Strange Ticking Sound, (if you missed it, you might want to go back and read it) I wrote about a weird noise my mom and … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Strange Ticking Sound

In June I went to Laughlin, Nevada with my mom on the senior citizen bus. The stingy slots forced us back to Room 1632 by 8:30 p.m., where a series of strange events played out. We settled in for a … Continue reading

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Is Your Character Cliché?

It’s hard to get around making spooky characters dark and creepy. Seems like it’s always been that way. Why? My guess is, because our fears are enhanced at night when it’s harder to see, so our imaginations sometimes play tricks … Continue reading

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Stepping Into Your Character’s Shoes

If the shoe fits . . . well, it sure makes it easier to step into the role of your character. What if you’re a male writing about a female? Stepping into her shoes might be difficult. It can be … Continue reading

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